$91.69 $ 91. As usual, the quality is first rate. Whether you are looking to replace the windshield of your 2001 HD road king classic or your 2002 road king… Just an FYI for you and your sales team. Amazon.com: road king windshield. Shopping in our Harley Davidson Road King Special Windshields & Fairings selection, you get premium quality Adventure/Touring Bike products without paying a premium. Since this is a replacement windshield, you might be wondering whether it would be as good as the original. Create your own badass look with … We can assure you that it will be just that. I would guess that this is the same for all of the Milwaukee 8 Road … Harley Davidson Road King Special 2020, XXX Blank Nacelle Fairing by Epic Moto®. We designed the "Road King" Windshield to allow the rider to clearly see over the shield and onto the road in front of them. FREE Shipping. The 2020 Road King comes with a 20” windshield. Rode it 170 miles today and it is perfect on this bike. Received my 19” recurved shield yesterday and have it installed on the 2020 Road King. Harley-Davidson with 41 mm & 49 mm fork legs using stock or aftermarket triple trees. We know you buy the Road King for a reason, like being free and open to the … XFMT 20" Clear Detachable Quick Release Windshield W/Black Brackets For Harley Road King 1994-2020… ... Green-L Clear Windshield Windscreen Fit For Harley Road King 1994-2020 Custom FLHRS 2004-2007. 69.

2020 road king special windshield

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