There are endless possible ways to talk about yourself. Alternatives: diligent, meticulous, attentive, precise, dutiful. Competitive – you revel in going up against others and trying to win at whatever you do. Alternatives: productive, organized, methodical, practical. When you are trying to land a job and you want to impress the recruiter, you can integrate some of these words into your interview answers and/or your resume. Can a single word make or break your job application? 60-Day Interview Guarantee (831) 888-0967. 15. Alternatives: dedicated, loyal, faithful, devoted. 10. Adjectives should be combined with actionable examples of accomplishments on your resume. Open-minded – you are willing to listen to other perspectives, learn new things, and be open to different ways of doing things. 13. State things succinctly and pack more substance into your application rather than filling your resume with stylish fluff. I receive a commission if you choose to purchase anything after clicking on them. Positive – you have an attitude that looks for the good and promotes happiness. Alternatives: sophisticated, worldly, cultured, experienced. Alternatives: friendly, sociable, welcoming, cordial. To help you decide how to describe yourself in an interview, consider these examples: I am passionate about my work. 4. Alternatives: non-judgmental, unbiased, impartial, tolerant, accepting. They don’t just say “skilled at SEO,” they use specifics to demonstrate their skills, and then use adjectives to qualify certain strengths. Adventurous – you like to try new things and expand your horizons. For College Friendly Ambitious Confident Coherent Terse Adaptive Co-operative Generous Endurable Intelligent Eager Non-propagandist Goal oriented Responsible Righteous If the adjectives you use to describe yourself are irrelevant to the job, chances are the HR manager won’t be impressed. Independent – you are able to work well by yourself and find solutions to any problems you encounter. Alternatives: accommodating, obliging, tactful, amicable, peacemaking. 20. Alternatives: convincing, influential, believable, credible, eloquent. is owned and operated by Sonaga Tech Limited, Hamilton, Zweigniederlassung Luzern with offices in Luzern Switzerland. Diplomatic – you are good at managing conflict and bringing people together. Loyal – you can be trusted upon without question and will always have your partner’s back. Adjective is a word that describes, clarifies or further identifies a pronoun or noun (noun is a word that is used to identify any of a class of people, places, ideas, objects or things). Cheerful – you like to look on the bright side of life and see the good in everything. Flexible – you are able to learn quickly and take on new duties with ease and as required. 8. Check out these 59 adjectives to describe your favourite friends. Use these adjectives for leadership to demonstrate your ability to manage teams and guide others to success: Here’s an example of how a sales manager candidate used powerful leadership adjectives to strengthen their resume objective (the adjectives have been highlighted): Decisive Sales Manager with 7+ years of experience driving profitability through strategic growth and passionate leadership. If you are brave enough, ask your kids to describe YOU in 10 words (best of luck with that – some thick-skin may be required!) 8. 11. The answer is definitely a big “YES!” Some powerful adjectives can set a tone for your resume and help it excel over other CVs. It makes it hard for managers to locate specific details on your resume and will not be properly read by ATS (applicant tracking system) software. Alternatives: polite, gracious, courteous. Alternatives: fun-loving, mischievous, playful. Use our list of words to describe yourself in 5, or even 3 words. Diplomatic . Alternatives: responsible, reliable, dependable, honest, principled, truthful. But these particular adjectives are both well understood by most people and will be enough for most situations. Optimistic – you believe that things will always work out for the best one way or another. Remember, we’re looking for qualities and characteristics. Used well, strong adjectives can reinforce your point and help you communicate more information with fewer words. That why it’s important that you know how to write a resume that effectively and succinctly highlights your strengths. 9. 3. To help you get started, here’s our list of the best adjectives to use on your resume. Alternatives: reflective, meditative, introspective, deep thinker. Alternatives: relaxed, light-hearted, easy-going, carefree. Proactive – you are a doer. Here are 115+ adjectives you can use to highlight your resume skills and improve your application. A classic move for a job interviewer is to ask if you could describe yourself in one word. 12. Alternatives: considerate, attentive, courteous, compassionate. Thanks for downloading our free template! Alternatives: adaptable, versatile, all rounder, dynamic. And how does your list differ from how your kids would describe themselves? Alternatives: capable, proficient, accomplished, adept, qualified, talented. Enthusiastic – you are very eager to be a part of the company and get involved in what it is doing. Used well, strong adjectives can reinforce your point and help you communicate more information with fewer words. Affectionate – you like to show people that they are loved. These resume adjectives can highlight your ability to communicate effectively and keep clients happy: Whether you’re in management or just an intern, keeping your work organized is vital. Alternatives: collected, unflappable, poised, self-assured, level-headed. Efficient – you get things done with the minimum of fuss and with the least wasted time or resources. Competent – you are skilled at a particular task or duty. Alternatives: loving, big-hearted, generous, warm-hearted, kind. Using the perfect words to describe yourself in an interview can be tricky. You often see people calling the adjectives as a describing or descriptive words. 10. 12. 2. 5. Confident – you believe in yourself and the qualities you bring to the table. To help you figure this out, we’ll explore a wide range of attributes that may apply to you. 3. Here’s an example of how one candidate made the mistake of using resume adjectives as a replacement for concrete information: Successfully implemented efficient new cost-saving techniques. Alternatives: courageous, fearless, gutsy. 12. His... more, How to Write a Resume: The Complete Guide, Types of Resumes: Different Resume Types Used in 2020, What to Put on a Resume (5+ Things to Include). 18. Honest – you tell the truth, even when the truth is hard to say. Brave – you are willing to face your fears and take risks. Alternatives: amiable, personable, friendly, sociable, easy going. 15. This doesn’t demonstrate how you’re detail-oriented, or what made your action great. 5. To make your resume adjectives effective, attach them to a larger point about your specific qualifications or accomplishments. Here are some examples of descriptive words that you can use both when talking to your date and on your profile for dating websites and apps. Alternatives: daring, thrill-seeker, free-spirited, intrepid, spontaneous. To help you prepare for that surprisingly challenging personality-testing job interview question, here's some positive adjective help that will also make you happy. Here are 28 powerful work ethic adjectives to describe yourself and your work: Employers are always looking for candidates who can think of creative solutions to problems. Another way to effectively use resume adjectives is to attach them to hard numbers. 10. Not only that, but descriptive words grab attention and make your resume memorable. Motivated – you have an inner drive to work hard, get the job done, and do well in your career. Alternatives: constructive, optimistic, cheerful, hopeful. 13. Now we include a … Conrad Benz is a Digital Media Specialist & Resume Expert at Resume Genius, where he helps countless job-seekers craft standout resumes and launch their careers. Alternatives: enterprising, aspirational. 14. Alternatives: modest, unassuming, unpretentious. 1. Strong adjectives can enhance your resume and highlight your talents. 2. With highly adaptable employees. Contemplative – you like to sit and think about your life, your past, your future. These words will help you demonstrate your teamwork credentials to the hiring manager: If you’re emailing clients, closing deals, and helping customers, strong communication skills are a must. Alternatives: inventive, imaginative, innovative, inspired, resourceful, unconventional. These strengths are sometimes difficult to quantify, but hiring managers are always looking for them because they signal a strong employee. That’s why it’s essential to take simple adjectives and turn them into skills that can be transferred to the job at hand. Alternatives: tender, cuddly, emotionally expressive. We’ll provide 50 primary words along with alternatives for each, giving a total of 250 words to describe yourself as a person. If you’re describing something you accomplished at work, be as specific as possible and include concrete numbers to illustrate the results you delivered.

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