Gardening involves cutting, lots and lots of cutting! If you want a knife for budding / grafting then you can’t go far wrong with this one. £30, Opinel,Currenly out of stock at or buy at Opinel, This full pruner knife has a rosewood handle and has a blade that’s just under three inches. It’s a metallic style, no frills, but solidly built, folding garden knife. The blade is 8.5cm long and is Yatagan shape which is  inspired by a traditional Turkish saber, the toe up and is helpful for pruning on any other garden tasks. The large handle has been ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in the hand, and the bright colour scheme will make it easy to find and harder to lose. Whatever knife you get, always make sure it’s as safe as possible and exercise caution when using it in the garden. PRICE. Whitby Pocket Knife (3.15") Whitby Knives. This is a pruning knife and so has the curved blade, but it can also be used for whittling and other gardening tasks and is quite useful when combined with a pruning saw. Nine cutting-edge gardening knives for the discerning gardener. This gardening knife has less of a pronounced curve so ... SWISS MADE KNIFE. Popular with keen gardeners, allotment holders and professional nurserymen. 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This is a perfect knife for general gardening tasks. In fact we do so much cutting, that we’ve given names to the different types – trimming, clipping, pruning, mowing, etcetera. Buy from and Harrod Horticultural. It has an 84mm curved, stainless steel blade that wasn’t as sharp as I’d liked on arrival but after a little while with the whetstone it sharpened up nicely. Easy to use cordless chainsaws the best rated. The top 10 list of the best pocket knives lists various manufacturers and prices. Draper’s 67068 Slim line pruning knife can be purchased for £13.18 on Amazon. Compact Pruning Knife that has a slim handle perfect for hard pruning work. Crater C33 gardening knife that’s lightweight and has a rust resistant blade. Another versatile option, as this pruning or gardening knife will also double up as a handy knife to have around the house. As with all our pages and products, we have supplied links for you to click on should you be interested in any of them, and would like to know more about them. OAK HANDLE KNIFE. SEE MORE →. At only 10cm long when fully opened it is a good tool for getting into tight spaces. Currently Out of Stock. The best gardening knives for pruning and more. See details. Read on to learn about our top picks for the best multipurpose hori hori knives that will make your gardening life easier and more satisfying! Super sharp ... Victorinox Straight Blade Floral Gardeners Knife Review. This garden knife is made in the UK and is endorsed by the RHS. We have decided to group them all together here and review the best gardening knives, whatever the type, for you. 3 Piece Opinel coloured garden knife and pruning set. Black Iron #6. This knife can be used for various garden tasks such as light duty pruning, dead heading, opening bags, and anything else you can think of. Baishinshi Kogatana gardening knife from Niwaki which is hand forged by Umeda san, 7th generation blacksmith of Baishinshi in Japan. Convenient folding design. A good pruning knife can be used for chopping lettuces, kale and other crops, chopping string, and cutting flowers. The end of the handle is a little wider than the top and it makes it fit in the hand better. BlizeTec #1. There’s also a strong safety lock on this and the garden knife can be locked when in use or when folded. Avoiding rust is also important in a gardening knife and the blade may be a specific shape according to what you’ll be using your gardening knife for. When closed up, the knife measures 10cm long and it weighs just over 40 grams so you can carry it comfortably in your pocket, or hang from your neck or belt with the attached 350mm lanyard. Good quality also describes the leather sheath that comes with this knife and the whetstone, although only key-ring size, will sharpen up the blade if used properly. Especially good for grafting and budding, 51mm thin blade is super sharp for precise cutting, Designed specifically for getting rid of deep rooted weeds, Large egonomic handle with larger end for pushing with your palm, Bright colour scheme makes this tool easy to find, 7 inch stainless steel blade is rust and corrosion resistant and has both straight and serrated edges, Measurement markers on the flat of the blade, Officially licensed by the Kew gardens experts, Compact and good for working in tight spaces, Heat treated carbon steel head won’t be bending on you anytime soon, Epoxy coated to resist humidity, alkalis in the soil, rust and corrosion, Measures 28.5 x 3.5 x 4 cm and weighs only 150 grams, Very popular product, receiving praise from many customers, SK5 high carbon steel blade, heat treated for hardness, Coated blade for friction reduction and a smooth cutting motion, Super sharp triple cut blades on the saw edge, Non-slip, TPR soft grip handle with thumb rest and eyelet for securing the tool, Great for weeding Patios and gravel driveways, Carbon steel, tempered with plated ferrule makes the head very strong, Comfortable wooden handle made from lacquer treated ash. Nisaku NJP650 #3. Due to its comfortable handle and short blade it has since become a great general purpose pocket knife, easy to carry and particualrly popular among wood workers and wood carvers. Spear & Jackson have teamed up with the horticultural experts at Kew gardens to develop this folding garden knife, so it is an officially licensed product and it can be yours for £13.94. This gardening knife can also do in-house DIY. Hedge Hunter #9. The slight curve is also helpful for hooking under string and more to cut too. 4.6 out of 5 stars 203. This product comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. The blade length is 8cm and is made from Sandvik stainless steel, while the handle is made from durable fibreglass reinforced with polyamide. 8 pruning knife—as well as a garden saw and a spear point garden knife; it’s $99.95 from Garrett Wade. You can unsubscribe at any time. The blade is 5″ (13cm) and the handle is made of magnolia. Its thin design is perfect for making very precise cuts. - 3 piece Opinel Gardening Set - Garden Saw - 12cm blade - Apple Green handle - Garden Knife - 8cm blade - Pink handle Opinel 3pc Gardeners Knife Set. The knife blade is made from Shirogami White Paper steel higane and it has soft steel jigane cladding. The end of the handle is larger than the rest of it so you can place your palm on it to push into harder ground. Draper 67068 Slimline Pruning Knife. Best gardener’s knife. The best robot lawn mower Want maintenance free gardening? The handle is made from white wood from French forests and is varnished, to protect from dirt. This gardening knife has less of a pronounced curve so that you can use it for several different tasks. Truly Garden #2. We are here for you. One of our best-selling pocket knives. You may have seen them but are still unsure if you really need one. Here’s our pick of the best gardening for pruning and more. The blade is secured to a good quality wooden handle by three solid metal rivets, and being ‘full tang’ you know that beneath that wood is solid steel. 74mm /2.9" knife blade. 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