Many people claim that Marlin fishing is the most exhilarating form of offshore game fishing since these fish can get so large and difficult to land. 1. Most anglers have a whopping fish tale or two, but Leslie Slater of Barkhamsted has proof. Albacore. 14. Great White Sharks are a protected species almost everywhere these days, so it seems that Dean’s record is here to stay. The North State is home to a wide array of fishing that draws thousands of anglers to its rivers, lakes and streams every year. Select from the fish species below to add recipes, comments, photos and more! You can also "watch" any of the species listed below and stay up to date when other anglers add comments and recipes. All of the catches on this list represent incredible feats by some of the best … Not only are the fish in these waters healthy, but they are big. Common Name Weight Length Location Caught Angler Year Caught; lbs. Of course, there are also those that are big and then a few are huge. Alfred Dean’s 1959 record is by far the biggest fish ever caught and approved by the IGFA. Here are the biggest fish caught in North State history. Not sure why this occurs but I can only guess they hit the lure so hard and try and turn away at the last moment only to get hooked unconventionally. Furthermore, you can find fishes in different sizes. oz. It's a great way to keep informed about your favorite fish species. Some caught in the lip, some hooked through their back or top of the head. 46.5" Atlantis Canyon. Leslie Slater of Barkhamsted caught a 29 lb. We are now about to share with you a list of 10 such fishes that are really huge, so huge that they are considered to be the biggest fishes in the world. 5. Ethan Hanson. Some fishes are very tiny, some are small, and some medium-sized. Connecticut Fish Species List. 68. northern pike, tying a 40-year-old state record. I caught about 5-7 of these fish in the size of 12"-18" in size. American Eel. 2012. Paulo Amorim caught the biggest Atlantic Blue Marlin to date using a bright pink and white Mold Craft Super Chugger lure, and his record is yet to be broken. 3. John Dagon.

biggest fish caught in ct

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