See the Chart. With so many different nutrition bars to choose from, it’s hard to know which high protein bar is right for you. 0 Comments. We’ve picked products we think you’ll love and may earn commission from links on this page. To taste test branded chocolate alongside supermarket own brands, we asked seven tasters to score each bar out of 10. (Some companies offered multiple chocolate bars within a range, so we tasted them all in a blind taste test to select our favorite, and then added the winning bar to our final lineups.) So in true HuffPost Taste spirit, we knew we had to set up a taste test. We taste tested 36 supermarket and artisan 68-72% dark chocolate bars with experts William Curley and Ravneet Gill to bring you our best buys. We visited the magical London Candy Co. here in New York, and the friendly Brits there helped us round up all their favorite must-try chocolate bars from across the pond. Unwrap our taste test to find out some new ways to satisfy your cravings for chocolate as well as some hifalutin brands to avoid. These chocolate bars go beyond being mere candy. This brand hit the rock bottom of our rankings as the taste was nothing overwhelming. Taste Test (Very) Dark Chocolate Bars We found a 90-percent bar with flavor that's more “beautiful” than bitter. The Best 80-Percent-Cacao Bar In addition to the different flavors, like chocolate chip cookie dough or chocolate peanut butter, you’ll want to consider factors like added sugar, protein blend, grams of fiber and fat and of course, great taste. A good bar of chocolate melts quickly; we felt this one took longer than it should. Our tasting panel then tasted the chocolates in the two ranges and identified favorite in each. We asked our Good Housekeeping taste panel to try 24 chocolate bars from the supermarkets and brands including Lindt and Cadbury's and pick their favourite. Brand 5 - Lindt 70% Cocoa While classic Hershey's is still a favorite for fireside s'mores, many of these brands might not be on your radar at all. Leave a comment and join the conversation! Read about … Our tasters were not shown the packaging or name of each bar, and the bars were given to each person in a different random order. The faint dark chocolate taste and almost no after taste, left use disappointed. The flavor just didn't tempt us to go for round two.

chocolate bar taste test

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