A clinical nurse specialist is an advanced-practice nurse who provides patient care and consultation services for a variety of health care areas. Design: This study was a descriptive, multicohort design. Nurse Practitioner vs. Clinical Nurse Specialist. Classes usually touch upon basic care, research, data analysis, leadership, and assessment. Purpose: The aim of this study is to describe clinical nurse specialists' characteristics, interest, confidence, motivators, and barriers in conducting research. Clinical Nurse Leader Clinical Nurse Specialist; Education: CNLs must earn master of science in nursing (MSN) degrees and achieve CNL certification from the AACN. A CLEARLY DEFINED ROLE for the perioperative clinical nurse specialist (CNS) has not been identified or established. Future students, faculty, and practicing CNSs should be aware of their roots, current status, and what the future may entail. Purpose: The role of the clinical nurse specialist (CNS) has evolved significantly over time and will continue to do so. When did the clinical nurse specialist role begin in Canada? The CNS role improves the quality and experience of care for patients, reinforcespatient safety, Look over the following chart for a useful summary of the differences between a Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist in terms of education, personality traits, and many other factors. Many times, when comparing two opportunities, it helps to look at them side-by-side. Rheumatology is a relatively young field in medicine that developed during the 20th century to become well-recognized specialty. Methods: Clinical nurse specialists were recruited electronically through national and local organizations to complete anonymous surveys 3 times, over 3 years. CNSs first appeared in the 1960s following an idea developed in the 1940s to have advanced nursing practice roles in place to meet the complex needs of Canadians after World War II. The role of the clinical nurse specialist/advanced nurse practitioner in rheumatology practice: Past, present and future Author: Patricia Minnock. The role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Cancer Care can be complex and varied, involving interventions and communication with multiple health care professionals across primary and secondary care and other private and charitable organisations.

clinical nurse specialist role

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