Thus, a reduction of -20% in the selling price would result in a negative NPV, while a +20% rise in the price would almost double NPV (31.127, 95 €). Data were collected through personal interviews (in-depth interviews) with the entrepreneurs and those responsible for the production of the snail farms during the years of 2009 and 2010. Identify the production system adopted by snail farmers in Uhunmwode L.G.A in Edo state, Nigeria. Based on that, the result, prior to depreciation and interests in an average operating year, amounts to 4.736€. Problems which concerned mainly the design of the livestock installations but also the administration of the livestock capital were detected. The costs-returns analysis revealed that snail farming is a profitable venture in the study area. The techniques are often shrouded in secrecy. (food & Agriculture Organization (FAD), 1989). Agricultural sector has a unique role to play in the quest of putting the Nigeria economy on the production of balanced self reliant and non inflationary growth. The U.S. department of Agriculture (USDA) has banned the importation and possession of live giant Africa snails. During the period of research, the 10nth snail unit was not operating commercially; hence, data could not been offered. Snail farming in Uhunmwode community have not yet be taking edge in the production processes but with my research work carried out concerning snail production in Uhunmwode community can pick up the snail business and use  it in developing their community internally. Felzensztein, C., and Gimmon, E, “The influence of culture and size upon inter‐firm marketing cooperation: A case study of the salmon farming industry”. Snail farming is not a new concept. "Economic Analysis and Production Techniques of Snail Farms in Southern Greece.". The average price of food is 0,80 €/Kg for vegetables and 0,58 €/Kg for ration (market prices). The discount rate was selected to be 5% following others studies with evaluate the validity of investments at primary sector with the same investments risk [18]. Its heads quarter is in the town of Ehor. The investment has been designed to be financed by private capital. In the selling price of 5,3 €/kg the investment was deemed marginally economically viable. Now, assume that the snail farm business cost N 250, 000 and is expected to generate yearend cash inflows of N 500000, N400000; N 300000, N 200000 and N 100000 in years 1 through 5. There was an unsuccessful attempt to establish it in Japan in 1925. The competition in commercial snail farming mainly focuses on the achievement of highest meat quality at the best possible price due to the vulnerability of the product. With the free-range method, a producer can grow up to 90,000 snails a year on three plots of land. Assessments, concerning the number of those employed, are based on the hypothesis that the enterprise is in need of a scientific person in charge, whose annual compensation for consulting is 667€, and an occasional unskilled worker, whose annual compensation was estimated at 900€. In Europe, the annual consumption of snails exceeds 100,000 metric tons and European snails’ imports from 1995 to 2010 had a 49% increment ([1, 2]). The purpose of the present study is the economic viability evaluation of a hypothetical enterprise of a mini - livestock farming system grounded in Southern Greece, in an area where the main use of land is for agriculture and stock breeding. From this sum, 60% will concern expenses for the creation of the net covered greenhouse. M., Hatziioannou, Issari A., Neofitou C., Aifadi S., and Matsiori S.. "Economic Analysis and Production Techniques of Snail Farms in Southern Greece. Heliciculture (Snail farming) is an excellent alternative to obtain edible snails and is a relatively new field of agricultural production in Greece ([3, 4]). Heliciculture, as a development activity in , forms an alternative source of income even in areas with farm land of low capacity; yet, it requires the know-how and experience, as mentioned for the field of aquaculture as well. They constitute part of the annual cost of production and amount to 3.088 € per year in the first five years of the enterprise operation and 327€ in the following five years. This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research, Item Type: Project Material |  50 pages |  719 engagements |, Item Type: Project Material |  54 pages |  2,462 engagements |, Item Type: Project Material |  51 pages |  1,719 engagements |, Item Type: Project Material |  50 pages |  11,948 engagements |, Item Type: Project Material |  50 pages |  7,225 engagements |, Item Type: Project Material |  50 pages |  4,964 engagements |, ©2020 IPROJECT - Final Year Research Project Topics & Materials In PDF & Doc | iproject, See More Agriculture Final Year Research Project Topics & Materials In PDF & Doc | iproject, IPROJECT - Final Year Research Project Topics & Materials In PDF & Doc | iproject. Of these, 75 are open-air type which occupy an area of 481.50 acres, and 56 intensive (net covered houses) type which occupy an area of 93.19 acres. Also, due to its large size, its slime and fecal material create a nuisance as does the odour that occurs when something like poison bait causes large numbers to die (Wikipedia, 19 may 2015). In this sales price (5, 3€/Kg), the financial evaluation of the enterprise for the ten-year period results in a positive NPV, equal with 16.187€ and in a positive IRR, equal with 18%. Heliciculture has the potential to constitute an innovative and viable agricultural activity with economic, social and environmental benefits. How much does not cost to start a snail farm? To have an active farm that will give the farmer optimum profit, I recommended you farm the Archachatina Marginata (Giant West Africa Snail) and achatina achatina (Giant Africa Snail). How profitable is the snail production as a snail and medium scale enterprise. In chapter two we shall be looking at the literature review, which includes, the meaning of economics, the meaning of production, the basic concept of economic, forms of production, snail production, meaning of snail farming, concept of snail production, feeding of snail, care of snail, challenges of snail production and snail human nutrition.

cost analysis of snail farming

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