Many of these jewelry making tools you probably already own. Ready to wire wrap? Place your steel bench block on the sandbag before hammering. But over time, your designated studio space will fill up with beads, stones, and jewelry wire. The absolute basic materials you need to begin wire wrapping are wire, a cutter and something to wrap. This was an extremely helpful tool for straightening wire when using the thinner jewelry wire gauges. You will love searching for materials to wrap and your studio will probably start filling up with all kinds of fun objects. Setting Up Your Wire Wrapping Jewelry Studio, Top 3 Reasons Jewelry Supply Customers Refer Halstead, What Does Gold-Filled Mean - 7 Things You May Not Know. So plan to exchange that plastic storage container into shelves with bins or cabinets full of drawers as time goes by. You'll need a kitchen table, coffee table or desk to sit at plus have a comfortable chair to sit on. I suggest, when you first start out that you place everything you need in a container with wheels. Setting up a studio or work area is simple. The metal jaws on pliers tend to mar wire, so I use nylon tipped pliers. I played around with wire wrapping in stages. Prevent this by using a sound dampening leather sandbag! It's cheap, therefore its easier to make mistakes than it would be using a more expensive material. Expect to be moving the bundle and the pliers around a lot, changing hands when you need to. I tackled it by first learning the basics. Anytime you start anything new, it can be intimidating, I know. I practiced this on a couple of copper pieces and played with sterling silver wire to make wire bails and tight loops. I found that this experience was completely different than what I was accustomed too and the change of pace was nice. Copyright © 1997-2020 Halstead Bead, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Slide a piece of wire about 3-4 inches in length under the point of your front X where the wires intersect. I daydream about jewelry designs constantly. They're not critical when starting out, but helpful, unless you are going to make finger rings, then the ring mandrel should be under the basic wire wrapping supply list. Playtime! I used it on the 26 and 28 gauge wires, which tend to curl and bend a lot as you wire wrap. The first five suggested items listed below are already included in the kit shown above. We've covered the studio area, gauges of wire, beginner tools and some materials that you can use when wire wrapping. I love working with a torch! I merged that with a basic wire wrapping technique, holding the stone tightly in place and finishing with a swirl in the front. Other helpful tools that go hand in hand with wrapping include pliers, mandrels, files, and jigs. The technique goes back thousands of years, probably in part because it is so affordable and easy to learn. Possibly you don't know where to start or what tools you'll need. Don't be overwhelmed! Wrap a stone or bead while watching T.V. While I'm writing articles at my desk, I catch myself staring down into the studio longing to work at the jewelry bench instead. It also requires a lot more bulk jewelry wire material for each piece of jewelry. When it becomes too hard to work with, it will break in half, so take care not to bend it unnecessarily. It's worth spending $2-5 dollars on replacement jaws than ruin a beautiful finish to me. Also, instead of working on the desktop, which I found too high for this jewelry adventure, I found myself wire wrapping on my lap. When you work with wire you move your arms a lot, so I chose a stool.

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