They should show patients compassion and have sympathy for those that are ill. Prioritization – triage is a part of a medical assistant’s job. "What Medical Assistants Do." The medical assistant will be ordering supplies and equipment to keep the facility running smoothly. Mildred Elley offers a Medical Assistant Program that prepares students for entry-level positions in physician’s offices, clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities as a medical assistant. You’ll have to follow infection control and safety guidelines as well as quality control standards when sterilizing and setting up instruments, maintaining medical equipment, and preparing treatment rooms for patient examinations. Self-Control – the medical assistant will need to regulate their emotions, thoughts and behavior in situations with a controlled manner rather than working on impulse. The top three keywords employers use in Medical Assistant job descriptions are Medical Assistant appearing in 27.12% of postings, Clinic 14.94%, and Vital Signs appearing in 12.67%. They will work with small instruments and must be able to manipulate those instruments to perform patient treatment or minor surgery. Karry Brothers on May 18, 2018 7:47:03 PM. Accessed Nov. 12, 2020. Technical skills - medical assistants will be carrying out many different tasks and need the technical skills to be successful. You'll receive patients and prepare them for exams. The medical assistant will need to assign degrees of urgency to not only illnesses but phone calls and walk-in patients. Everyday is different as a medical assistant and they must be able to change with the environment, even in an emergency. Making sure that the most important issues or emergencies are dealt with first. Medical assistants must be able to understand and follow medical charts, diagnoses, treatment and procedures. Empathy – the medical assistant must be able to understand or feel what a patient is experiencing from their perspective. Work Environment." Proficient in safe patient care techniques. Personal growth includes a medical assistant’s mental, physical and spiritual health. They also interact with patients who may be in pain, so they need to be able to act in a calm and professional manner. Computer skills – the medical assistant works with many different types of computer software to enter data into electronic health records, schedule appointments, process billing and monitor inventory. Top medical assistants are always working to enhance their skills and improve patient care, so they should recognize what they can do differently next time. While your training will prepare you to do your job, understanding the skills you'll need will help you prepare your resume and ​cover letter. Good teamwork is important for teams to help improve patient care through shared ideas. You may already have some of these skills or they can be learned while attending a vocational school. medical assisting, For program details and disclosures visit They may be required to code a patient’s medical records for insurance claims and billing. You'll be asked to administer medications, give injections, apply dressings, draw blood, secure blood and urine samples, remove sutures, perform EKGs, and convey information and relay questions from doctors to patients and vice-versa. Fluency in a second or third language is helpful. Decision Making – a medical assistant must take the time to weigh the pros and cons of a decision and employ logic during their thought process. Self-Esteem – how the medical assistant feels about their abilities and limitations. The medical assistant will be administering injections, drawing blood, preparing exam rooms, scheduling appointments for patients, taking vitals and recording patient medical histories. Employers are looking for medical assistants that take life skills seriously to grow both personally and professionally. Detail oriented - medical assistants need to be precise when taking vital signs or recording patient information. Whether positive or negative, the medical assistant must be able to manage stress to succeed. Having sharp decision-making skills is an asset for any medical assistant. Experience with specific phone systems, PC or Mac computers, and medical records management software may also be required. The ability to work with more than one task at a time is crucial for a medical assistant to succeed. Interested in starting a Medical Assistant Program? Bureau of Labor Statistics. Be ready to provide examples of how you embody each skill because most likely your interviewer will ask you to provide explanations. A medical assistant must also mediate problems between colleagues. They may help with both administrative and clinical tasks ranging from medical … And of course, you’ll have to maintain confidentiality. 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