Anticipated Height. aka Himalayan Birch. Ornamental attributes. Himalayan Birch - an attractive bright white bark, dark green leaves which turn yellow in autumn, and interesting catkins in spring. Similar varieties worth checking out. With a more upright habit and larger leaves than our native silver birch, this is a good choice for the small garden and grows well on a wide range of soils, including fairly damp ones, and will tolerate quite a bit of exposure. At Barcham, if you are looking for a Birch tree with a stunning white bark, we classify it simply and plainly as Betula utilis Jacquemontii and you will not be disappointed! Fastigiate. Drought tolerant. 4/5m. Common Name: Himalayan birch Genus: Betula Species: utilis Cultivar: var. Height and Spread (after 10 years) : 6m x 4m. Plant Size (cm) Over 160cm. Est.10yr.height. Pot Size - Litre. The forms are not easily distinguishable but the most common grown, all belong to the var.Jacquemontii which have striking nearly white barks very welcoming in the long cold winter months. Betula ermanii 'Mount Zao Purple' Birch. There are so many differing clones of this Birch tree on the market under the banner of Betula utilis that the trade is tying itself in knots deciding what they should call theirs! Wet tolerant. Find a local stockist, enter a postcode. An elegant tree that is perfect for all gardens, large or small. It has delicate oval shaped, dark green leaves which turn golden yellow in the autumn and decorate the tree perfectly. A truly beautiful small tree grown for its pure white stems that just get better with age. Qty Add to Basket. Medium tree size after 10 years. Himalayan birch prefers moist well-drained soil but is tolerant of a wide PH range. The bark of this elegant himalayan birch tree peels each year, revealing the next layer of perfectly white bark which is accentuated by lenticels lines. Evergreen? Green Foliage. 32 In stock. Looks great group planting. Growth Speed. Deciduous. Medium. Provided it has these reasonable growing requirements, this tree can enhance any nearly any lawn, garden, or park. No. View Full Description. Like Betula pendula, we produce this tree as both a standard specimen tree and a multi-stem. Attractive bark. Toleration-20. General attributes . Prefers a soil that does not completely dry out in summer. But regardless of potential pests, this tree is still worth planting. Add to Wish List. Clay tolerant. The mid to dark green leaves turn golden yellow in autumn. 35 Litre. Himalayan Birch trees- Betula Utilis Jacquemontii trees are some of the very best trees for the edges of glades. Prefers acid soil. Large established White Himalayan Birch Trees Betula Jaquemontii delivered in large 35 litre pots with heights approximately 2 metres, summer 2020 stock in super condition. Don't prune.

himalayan birch tree height

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