Listen, there's low-key nothing worse than seeing flakes in your hair only a couple days after washing your hair… Curl activators or creams are the easiest and fastest way to define curls for your hair, however the length. Pin curls are a wonderful, traditional approach to creating curls in short or long hair. To make 4C hair curly, the first and most important step is to ensure your 4C hair is well moisturized. Best Non-Flaking Curl Cream: 1. Some good curl activators you can invest in, include Eco styling gel, Kinky Curl curling cream, Cantu Moisturizing curl activator, Jack 5ive curl activator gel. With the right products, you can achieve a well-defined curl pattern for your 3B-4C natural hair. Although I have been natural two or three times in the past, I have always been afraid of wearing my natural hair and looking “unpolished”. Next, apply a bit of moisture (can be water or moisturizing spray) then curl the hair by rolling it into a curled shape. Curl Enhancing Product (mousse/gel) Volumizing Shampoo; Towel; Hair Gel… To complete this process, section your hair into a small square using a rat tail comb. After moisturizing, lock in the moisture then proceed to use various curl defining techniques such as twist-out, finger coiling, braid-out and shingling to make the hair curly. It’s one of the quickest and easiest methods to get some messy curls. If you’re going for a wash-n-go look, applying some gel (even if it’s just Aloe Vera gel) to your hair while it’s wet is a great way to give your curls a good amount of definition. You Will Need. For so long it was all about long beautiful curly hair, but now more than ever women are boldly rockin' short haircuts and it's so refreshing and inspiring. How to Make 4C hair curly. Curl Defining Products for Short Natural hair. Pin curls can be created using bobby pins or pin curl clips. Afro Sheen Texture Gel Cream. Scrunching will enhance the natural curl in your hair, making it wavy, or curly depending on your natural hair texture. But if after it dries, your hair appears shorter, a good thing to do is to break the cast (the hardness that the gel has caused) of your hair with a little bit of oil. After recently faced one of my biggest fears and cut off my hair, I quickly discovered that all curl defining products for short natural hair are not created equal.

how to curl short natural hair with gel

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