To begin the process of providing an adaptive bike for a child in your life, fill out an application to the "My Bike" program, or please call 412-747-2680. Just because your child uses a wheelchair doesn’t preclude ventures outside and enjoying the feeling of independence and freedom that derives from riding a trike! The Tot Cruiser is also the most economical and least expensive special needs tricycle in our Top 5 Review. Reviewers said they liked that the turning radius of the front wheel is limited, which helped their child to retain better balance. By. Additionally, steering is separate from the pedaling mechanism, allowing children to pedal and steer even if they have coordination challenges! Children and adults with disabilities can bolt these to various bicycles to make riding a bike much easier. Enhances circulation and respiration, contracting and releasing muscles, resulting in improved blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, and mitigating edema. The mother of a six-year-old with cerebral palsy shared how she doesn’t generally review products, but had to comment on the Tot Cruiser. That’s why our Top 5 Review assessed the cost, versatility, certified user evaluations, features, and unique benefits of dozens of excellent trikes. Engineered in France by Rupiani, the ToniCross Pediatric Tricycle for Special Needs Children grabs the number three position in our review with its full support and size options. Twitter. Aside from trike riding helping them to grow physically and increase overall health, it’s also highly enjoyable, helping kids of all ages and abilities to create precious childhood memories. Upright Adaptive Tricycles - Upright styles of special needs trikes are a good choice for children with some level of trunk control and mild to moderate mobility impairments. Riding an adaptive trike helps children to develop a better sense of well-being and raise their self-esteem. Riders of all ages love this trike for its comfort, safety, and ease of use, and how it was able to get them moving and enjoying life again following an injury or amputation. Amputees and hemiplegics using this trike reported how much easier it was to use than some other trikes they had tried, and highly recommended it to others with similar conditions. For 22-year-old Geordi Berlingieri of Plymouth, learning to ride a bike didn’t come naturally growing up. The trike’s other innovative design features, such as its fixed chain drive from the rear wheels and foot pedal placement directly under the seat facilitated easier propulsion and pedaling for kids with mobility limitations, preventing coasting or freewheeling, resulting in improved control. This upright trike also offers add-on support options for children with more involved impairments, including leg abductors, foot supports, and back support, enhancing safety and positioning. She said she just wanted their son to feel normal and experience the simple joy of riding a bike alongside other kids. Facebook. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $99.99. Its adaptive handlebar can be configured for the left or right hand, incorporating the functions of steering, gear shifting, and braking which can all be done with just one hand. A grandma in Montana purchased this trike for her 18 month-old grandson, who needed an exercise method that was fun and stimulating. COVID-19 Update: Many manufacturers are experiencing shipping delays. Rifton is a leader in adaptive equipment for children and adults. The specific ways adaptive tricycles can help special needs children: Special needs tricycles are available in multiple design options in order to suit the many and varied requirements of the children who use them.

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