3. I'm testing a Chromebook 14 CB3-431 and trying to do a "hardware reset" check it before deploying this unit. Before you reset, make sure to: Sync your information and settings to your Google Account. Hard Reset Your Chromebook Using Recovery Mode. Option 1 – From Login Screen Instead of pressing Ctrl+D to skip this warning, press the Space button to re-enable OS verification and disable developer mode. If neither of these steps fix the problem, continue to step 3. However, following Google's general chromebook hardware reset instructions don't work: When I press "refresh" + "power", the system never starts at all. Restart your Chromebook and you’ll see the standard “OS verification is off” message. Since most of your data such as calendar, browser passwords, and email sync with your Google Account. Try resetting your Chromebook's hardware. All user accounts and local data will be removed.” RELATED: How to Factory Reset a Chromebook (Even if It Won't Boot) ... t included such an interface with the operating system because it really doesn’t want you to have to care what hardware is in your Chromebook. Logging out and powering down your Chromebook isn’t technically a reset. These apps function like the system information utilities do on Windows. Factory Reset Chromebook. You can sync that data back to your device if desired. Step 3: Back up your files and info (important) Factory reset erases all the information on your Chromebook's hard drive, including your settings, apps, and files. To factory reset your Chromebook, perform either of these two options. However, if you’re like me you’re a lid-closer. Passing off specific tasks gives your CPU a chance to work tirelessly on everything else, while the GPU handles processes that it was designed to run. Hard Reset can come handy when your Chromebook is not booting at all or freezing mid-way. In Chrome, hardware acceleration utilizes your computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU) to tackle graphics-intensive tasks, like playing videos, games, or anything that requires faster mathematical calculations. When you disable developer mode, your Chromebook will wipe all user data and reset all system files to their default state. While this does sound … In addition, if the above methods didn’t work, you can hard reset your Chromebook this way. Step 5: Once your Chromebook reboots, Google presents this message: “Powerwash to reset your Chrome device to be just like new. These steps will wipe data from your device.

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