The Marquis Series was introduced after the shortages of Brazilian rosewood halted GE production. D = Dreadnought (similar to Gibson’s Jumbo size.) I can’t find any info on this model from Martin Co. Did they stop making them? The R stood for rosewood. The Rosetta Stone is found again! But compared to other sizes and types, Martin OM and 000 remain closely related in look, feel and tone. While not exactly the same shape, they have a wider soundboard and less of a waist than the G or C models, with a mosaic rosette more Spanish in style than typical for a Martin. These guitars were very popular, if not made in quite the same numbers as the steel string, 14-fret Martins. By continuing to use Reverb, you agree to these updates, and to our cookie policy. A pity; I would have bought one had they  done so. Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. This may be due to the fact it was not offered in a 14-fret version after they converted their entire line to the Orchestra Model design, and it remained only 12-fret Martin regularly available, until small numbers of 12-fret guitars started being produced in the Folk Boom of the 1960s. Early models only have a \"Ditson\" stamp, later modelshave both the \"Ditson\" and \"Martin\" stamps. The Clapton combines Vintage Style 28 appointments with a pre-1941 Style 21 rosette, while the Style 42 used since the early 1970s looks like pre-1938 Style 45, minus the abalone inlay on the sides and back of an actual Style 45 instrument. Paul, Your guitar is made in Size 1, with Style 17 appointments. A total of 50 were made for Martin’s sporadic Guitar of the Month editions (plus an additional 10 made for export.). To confuse matters more, as of 2018 most all OMs and 000s have been converted to the modern High Performance neck. So you can send me your serial number privately if you want and I can submit to the database owner. . OM = Orchestra Model, shares the same body size as a 000, but typically has other differences. You are hardly the only person who assumed or was told the S at the end of model names stood for Slotted Headstock or Slothead. How To Read The Chart Below. Other builders of guitars have adopted terms like OM and Grand Concert for generic use since the 1970s, typically indicating a 14-fret instrument with a smaller size and narrower waist than the Martin Dreadnought or Gibson Jumbo body shapes. Note: This illustration dates from the late 1980s most likely. With a top slightly wider and rounder than an OM and a deeper body, they are Martin’s version of the “small jumbo” models that have grown in popularity in recent years. Unlike the nebulous web of varying schemes and numbering systems used by companies like Gibson over the decades, Martin has employed a single string of serial numbers for a vast majority of its guitars going all the way back to 1898. 1. Typical examples of model names include: 000-18, D-28, OM-45. Also it started with white dot markers and was changed to diamond markers, etc. Please check the fields highlighted in red. A 14 in an advertised model name does NOT denote the guitars “style.” Quite the opposite, since it does not give any indication of what wood or non-wood materials were used to build the instrument, what sort of neck joint, neck block, bracing, finish, the instrument has, as would an actual Martin style designation like 18, 28, 45, etc. I was having lunch with Tim Teel of Martin Guitars recently when the topic came up and he said there are often times when such indicators do not pan out, when it comes to wood the thinks will be great or a dud and the opposite proves to be the case. The D-1 was the first regular use of the Mortise & Tenon neck joint matched with simplified “A-frame” bracing, which became known as Style 1 bracing, until the 1 Series was discontinued in 2007. If guitars could achieve sainthood, his one would do it! They were inspired by the Gibson size L guitars, but retain the same depth as other Martin 00 and 000 guitars. Knowing what the differences are helps a lot with the “why” there are differences… if that makes any sense at all.

martin guitar models by year

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