... /physics/joints/bones related to clothes, for the second copy you remove the body mesh/physics/joints. Need help setting up physically movable clothes in MMD/PMXE. This is, without a doubt, a physics problem. Your model’s limbs can easily penetrate the clothes since there’s nothing there to stop them! コメントを投稿するには ログイン または ユーザー登録 を行ってください 作成者: Narutoop 作成日:2020-04-28 11:41 I wish MMD could do realistic cloth physics like this. It's handy to have a base for your physics, which allows you to adjust your butt in the transformation window or in MMD. Ninth generation of MikuMikuDance releases, along with new possibilities, also brought new problems. You don't need anything complicated, but you can tweak to your heart's content later if you want. Mind that some physics should still be kept, for example boob physics/joints, since they move both the body and clothes meshes. So the first thing to do is just to set up your bones and physics in PMXE, where it's easier than it is in Blender. To put it simply, physics or “rigid body” on MMD models are some sort of “wall”.

mmd cloth physics

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