Q: How do I cancel my order? Anything below that is fine, and that comes straight from the manufacturers. All Rights Reserved. Up to 250 lbs. Weight Limit The designers created this trike to carry a maximum of 250 pounds. A: Please contact us at (626) 855-0900 or It can be adjusted to suit riders from 4’2″ to 6’3″. When the grips are removed, the brake set can be removed to the left side. See the chart below for the height capacity of each model. Beach Cruiser Trike. Instead, riders steer using two bars on either side. Weight Limit. Normally, one-speed tricycles, make riding on hills difficult. For all other models, loosen the quick release, pull the pull-lock, and adjust the frame accordingly. Weight capacity: 250 pounds. Q: The tires deflate when I ride. A: Yes. Making sharp turns and spins on the Mobo and extensive riding will increase wear and tear. A: Contact our Customer Care Department by email at This applies to all Tot models as well as the Mobito models. After reading our Mobo Triton Pro review, you will be more informed. A: Mobo cruisers have a rear steering mechanism controlled by steering levers at your side. Suspension. sales@asaproducts.com for more information. Considering purchasing this trike? Read some of the reviews for your self by clicking below. In summary, this is what cyclists think. A: Mobo cruisers are low to the ground, require no balance, and safe, but it depends on the individual's capabilities. A: Mobo cruisers do require assembly. Make sure the brake cable is on the inside of the steering arm when on the left handlebar. V-Brake. Q: What do I do if the pedals won't come off when I try to change them? This might take a little getting used to, but it is really not that difficult. This is not a race model, or a model for professional riders. A: Always ride with the safety flag attached. Q: I would like a refund. A: Measure the tire pressure and follow the tire pressure requirements noted on the tires. The standard targets people shorter. Q: Where is the brake lever located? It is like they say, you get what you pay for. Full color pictures are also included. If you do decide to purchase, you will know exactly what you are getting into beforehand. A: If your cruiser is wobbly, tighten the quick release lever, as well as the steering nut found on the bottom of the cruiser, under the seat. 11 reasons to buy. This being a one-speed, plus the fact that the weight of the rider being shifted to the back, makes it extremely difficult. A: Mobo cruisers are safe and excellent for seniors who meet the minimum physical requirements to ride the Mobo, as they are low to the ground and no balance is needed. 4' - 6'3" Tall. Find out exactly how much cheaper it can be by clicking the “Check Today’s Price” button below. This trike falls into the $300 – 600 price range. Will cars be able to see me? The standard maxes out at 5’5″. A dual-joystick steering system and free-wheel mechanism offers smooth maneuverability and gentle wrist, elbow and hand pressure while the ergonomic recumbent seat adds minimal pressure to your back. First remove the grips the handlebar using soap, water, and a flat screwdriver. The Mobo® Triton Pro has all of the qualities you look for in a leisure cycle with the low, rugged chassis of something sportier. Q: How can I become a Mobo dealer? Weight limit of 180 lbs. It is not impossible, but it is very difficult. Do you wonder how it measures up to the standard version? There are two joystick handlebars located near the read wheels, instead of the front wheel. Q: How do you maneuver a Mobo? Q: Can I switch my brake lever to the left side? 48" Length/ 61" Extended. See picture below. If you have purchased directly from our website, you can also find more information on the Return Policy Page. With quality you can trust, our Mobo Triton Pro is equipped with a stylish, timeless finish that offers you years of three-wheeling fun!

mobo triton pro weight limit

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