Mormons call this priest a “sealer” because this person has authority from God to “seal” a couple for time and all eternity (meaning the marriage endures even when in heaven). Then all of a sudden you get married and it's this very positive thing," Willoghby told host Nancy Redd. I found it interesting that in some countries (such as England) the government does not recognize a temple marriage as legal, and so couples must be married civilly first and then go to the temple to be sealed (Mormon … Why does a church that seals dead people require all engaged couples to marry in the temple and why do they make them wait a year if they do a civil ceremony first? The license has to be signed and witnessed and returned for the marriage to valid. You can’t please everyone at your marriage. Anytime men (and women) are involved in Church programs there are bound to be some imperfections. for example, one might think their child is going to hell in hand basket, or that the Catholic church is the only way to obtain salvation. I don’t understand why the US accepts the temple sealing as a legal marriage when it is not open to the public? I don’t care if others aren’t catholic. His solution was to provide more wine for the wedding guests. But your church has an answer. Why does your church make rules penalizing couples with nonmember families when they don’t in every country? My thought here is to look for the “good” that typically results from living life as a Mormon. She finally understood that she and my son could have a ring ceremony after the temple marriage, and that could be the place and time when all her family and friends could watch. It’s like destination wedding–you usually get legally married ahead of Mormons believe the family is essential to God’s plan, so we don’t do anything that could jeopardize that. If they choose a civil ceremony, it would be disrespectful to the Lord — the couple would be more interested in pleasing man (family and friends on earth) than putting God first. Two years and eight months later we were sealed in the Los Angeles Temple. In my opinion, this issue of the sealing ceremony is just not that big a deal — unless you are looking for some reason to bash the church. 857-58). As did many early leaders. I don’t know of anyone who is deeply offended by not being able to watch the bride and groom make sacred vows in the temple. 855-56). It’s explicitly clear it’s not the real deal. They often have two receptions — and call the second one an open house — if the groom is from one state of the country and the bride from another. In this interview one is asked, among other things if they: are a full tithe payer (10%), have abstained from coffee, tea, tobacco and alcohol, are morally pure, and totally support and respect Mormon Church leaders. It involves a ceremony performed in a holy TEMPLE by an officiator endowed with the PRIESTHOOD AUTHORITY to invoke covenants intended to be efficacious for TIME AND ETERNITY. Once you see the LDS Church as a positive influence in the person’s life, then the details of a specific event are just not that significant. There are a lot of rules. Cause you are present for it. A ring ceremony isn’t enough. (Sorry Your Friends Can’t Come to Your Mormon Wedding). My husband joined the LDS church about two weeks before our marriage. Why the change? Cake and watching people put rings on just isn’t the same, even to atheists. For one grandparent to be there and not another. And from my perspective, the temple ceremony is a private matter — it’s a sacred ordinance between the husband, the wife, and God. LDS church allows a sealing right after. Just temple worker strangers and themselves. (Encyclopedia of Mormonism, pp. My father was a devout atheists; my mother, a Congregationalist turned Buddhist; when I accepted Mormonism as my world view, there was some hurt, I suppose, that continued — because I am a different person than my parents; an individual, not a clone. The temple. For me, I wish they had not been there. Let us all celebrate with the Bride and Groom and take care to serve your guests the best wine the Lord can provide.

mormon marriage rules

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