The Chicago Spire is a skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois that was inspired by a seashell. People say that necessity is the mother of all invention. However, living architecture should be used in combination with traditional architecture, as an entirely living house still needs prototypes and experimentation to be economically profitable. Our next design is from the Aesthetics Architects Go Group from Bangkok. An organicist is an architect in the organic movement. Beijing National Aquatics Center (Source). [Arch Daily, The city of Piraeus is low on greenspace, so the designers of this entry in the Piraeus Tower 2010 Competition aimed to remedy that. [Arch Daily], The landscaped green roof cools the space beneath and allows for rainwater collection which is reused for irrigation. Christina Bonnington. The temple’s design is composed of 27 free-standing marble clad petals that are group in clusters of three in order to form nine sides (a stipulation of the religion). Just like a real cacti thriving in the arid desert environment, the designers of the building hopes to make the infrastructure a comfortable haven in the middle of the desert with energy efficient features such as sunshade panels that open and close depending on the sun’s intensity. Based on documentation originating in the environmental sciences, history of science, philosophy and art, Architecture of Nature … 7/30/10 8:00PM. The two buildings nicknamed as the Biolab Squadron were inspired by the shell of a nautilus and features interlacing geometric incisions in its outer skin. ft park, which includes jogging paths, gardens, a public observatory, and an infinity swimming pool, among other things. [Arch Daily], The famous Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore has three towers connected at the top by a 107,000 sq. Through the history, nature has been always a source of inspiration for the human begin in different aspects of their life. Living alongside with the nature without harming it and reducing impact at the minimum in a sustainable way is a vision shared by some people to grant a user community that wishes to live in a living house. This is achieved through design approaches that aim to be sympathetic and well-integrated with a site, so buildings, furnishings, and surroundings become part of a unified, interrelated composition. Taipei 101 is located in the Xinyi District in Taiwan’s capital city – Taipei. The concept also applies to architecture and exterior facades, improving the urban landscape from a steel and cement scenario to a greener one, where artifacts seamlessly fuse with natural elements, benefitting our mind, body, and soul. Taipei 101 is located in the Xinyi District in Taiwan’s capital city – Taipei. It was voted as the Best Futuristic Design of 2008 and was inspired by a seashell. They are totally void of any creativity, and are more like temples to worship nature - the designers probably feel we should build them and bow before them to atone for our sins against nature. Architecture Concepts That Incorporate Nature. the form of the building, the various structural elements of the building, etc. View image of (Credit: All Canada Photos / Alamy Stock Photo) Gaudi’s stunning … As the name implies, the stadium looks like a giant bird’s nest made out of 110,000 tons of steel. The Beckton Dickinson Campus Center by RMJM in New Jersey blurs the boundaries between roof and lawn. The only one even remotely good is #3 (because the top has practical use), the rest are possibly the most disgraceful pieces of conceptual architecture ever created by man. [Arch Daily], The Vivanta Hotel in India acts as a gateway between the city and International Tech Park. This amazing process has long been a source of inspiration for designers, engineers and architects for their building projects. Lee & Partners and was inspired by the indigenous slender bamboo that the country sees as an icon of learning and growth. It was … Types of Architecture Concepts… Typography. Save. 35 Free Big, Bold, and Beautiful Headline Fonts. Architecture interiors as one of the remarkable features in every society cannot be separated from nature. The result of this design is a seemingly homogenous surface that is engraved with by symbols not known to common people. The water cube hosted the swimming, diving and synchronized swimming events in the 2008 Olympics and was able to accommodate 7,000-17,000 people. History. Yet reinvigorating our bond with nature is a challenge architecture and urban design are well placed to address. Which design was most inspiring for you? The infrastructure was also built using advanced energy-saving design and environment friendly features such as natural ventilation & lighting, a recycling system for rainwater, use of renewable geothermal energy sources and utilization of photovoltaic power technologies. The building was designed by C.Y. Sagrada Familia. Image courtesy of Whitney Hopkins. The Palm Islands are an artificial archipelago in Dubai, UAE that is shaped like a palm tree, topped with a crescent.

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