Sometimes it requires a generation before your work will get noticed. Define unsatisfied. I’m not one to hold a gavel and shout “Guilty!”. Not because you are awful. An accidental experiment took place in U.S. government around 1890. After two weeks, those trainees turned over close to 550 per day and others turned 700 a day. Yet, if you ask them, like many of us, they would probably say that they lack at least one ingredient to make their lives more flavorful. Many people aspire to have the best in life. You can give your best, but accepting that it will not always be perfect will give you chance to breathe. “I WAS SITTING IN a taxi, wondering if I had overdressed for the evening, when I looked out the window and saw Mom rooting through a Dumpster. And that’s a very human thing to do. If you think you really deserve it, you must fire yourself to work. If you continue working and sharing value to others, life will notice your value too. This crevice was too small to allow for the passage of Saber-Tooth, and he came out the way he had gone in, If they have acquitted themselves well while living, they will be permitted to descend and enjoy this happy country; if otherwise they will but be tantalized with this prospect of it, and then hurled back from the mountain to wander about the sandy plains, and endure the eternal pangs of, Before leaving, he moved all over the place, After the rapture of meeting, and after that odd feeling of, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Unsatisfactory Equipment Performance Report. I write every day and aim to publish every week hoping someone will read what I write. You are not perfect. You don’t feel like a fraud by fulfilling something that drifts away from your true self. No matter how much you work or how better you dress up in a party, not everyone will have the same appreciation you expect. You have the ability to produce your own signature craft. By always saying yes, you risk getting burned out. Another word for not satisfied. It is amazing to help others but not to the extent that you sacrifice the part devoted for you. I am not either. Appreciation gives a bounce in our step and gives us the energy to redouble our efforts. It did with so many people in history. It makes us feel they should cater to our needs. In satisfaction questions, there is a scale of satisfaction but not … It may require you to accomplish small opportunities leading to it. She has had the bill for three weeks, but it still remained unsatisfied. Yet, a lot of people won’t be because many wait for the opportunity to simply show up. No one delights getting hit on the Achilles heel. You have to press forward even though your big fan is only yourself or your mom. Everyone feels the need to be appreciated for all the sweats and tears invested. Nobody can tell how satisfied you are except yourself. The problem that eats our society today is the “entitlement” mentality. Unsatisfied refers to the feeling of needing more and can be used with abstract items. When designing your survey, levels of satisfaction may vary from “Not at all satisfied” to “Very Satisfied” or “Extremely Satisfied,” but the scale is not balanced in the same way as Performance or Expectation. You can easily fix those things. You won’t ever be satisfied if you keep looking on what you don’t have, what you should have and why you should have it without putting in the effort. My articles may not receive the claps I think they deserve, but someone out there might get inspired to read what I have to share. It usually comes from our need to be accepted. You have to set your priorities straight to identify the perfect opportunity for you. Do you know the reason of your satisfaction or dissatisfaction? Let go of your need to please others and be perfect. Your life is your own. Examples: Despite the hearty meal, his hunger remained unsatisfied. That is a very reasonable dream. Life is generous. When they get lured by adulation and likes they receive, they find it difficult to detach themselves. Like when you order a meal that looks very appetizing but lacks the flavor you expect it to have. You cannot rely on the waiting game to achieve what you want. Like how a chef controls the amount of herbs or seasoning he puts on his signature dish. I can’t give quality opinions because I am out of focus. In this technological world where we swim on self-help articles preaching us to avoid being mediocre, we easily create the attitude of trying to be perfect. Set standards that will challenge you but will not force you to abandon your true being. You feel devastated. They have the option to improve, yet, they go on day after day living the same kind of life they have carrying the same frustrations. Lucy Montgomery said in her novel Anne of Green Gables: “It’s not what the world holds for you. To achieve that satisfaction would require you to get up and start working on it. Would you wear a dress that doesn’t fit you? It’s what you bring to it.”. Would you post a selfie that doesn’t show the best you? You have your own visions for yourself too. She had tied rags around her shoulders to keep out the spring chill and was picking through the trash while her dog, a black­-and­-white terrier mix, played at her feet. Connie Hatch and Patti Breitman shared in their book, How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty: “Out of guilt or fear of confrontation, we take on more projects, invest in someone else’s priorities.… In the process, we dissipate our most valuable personal resources — time, energy, and money — on things that aren’t important to us. How many times did you pressure yourself to do something to please others? I respond to her questions for the sake of responding. You gave your best performance and hard work, but you got nothing in return. Be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t worry. I wake up early, do my chores as efficient as I can to find time to write. It is not easy. They cannot unleash their true selves for the fear of breaking those expectations. It leads to your dissatisfaction because you come up short on things you need to do. Verb (en-verb) To do enough for; to meet the needs of; to fulfill the wishes or requirements of. If you are unsatisfied, you aren’t annoyed, but you weren’t completely satisfied. You feel cheated. You perform based on their standards. English Language & Usage Stack Exchange This is the place where I found some good answers by Erik Kowal and "John Y" who writes: <

not satisfied or unsatisfied

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