A major role of the nurse in regards to HT victims is that of advocacy. Nursing and the Expansion of Non-Traditional Roles. Nursing is described as both an art and a science; nurses are extensively trained in clinical practice and prioritize compassionate patient care. Ppt on expanded role of nurse 1. International trends in nursing Health needs of society Awareness of health needs Economic condition New development New knowledge & procedures through research Specialization 2. In redesigned health care systems, nurses are assuming expanded roles for a broad range of patients in ambulatory settings and community- Nurses provide about 90 percent of healthcare services in the world, and for that, they deserve intense appreciation. Nurses have the role of establishing a relationship with their patients and their families; they are responsible for explaining medications, taking vitals and helping patients with daily needs. Nursing in a Transformed Health Care System: New Roles, New Rules Key takeaway message: Although the supply of nurses is likely to meet overall demand, the nature of a nurse’s job is changing dramatically. An estimated 28-50% of these individuals access healthcare services while being trafficked (Golby, Tsuei, Zacharias, 2015). Nurses and HT advocacy. The Nurse's Worldwide Role. Their role is so important that in developing countries with doctor's domination or shortage of physicians, to many people, nursing care is very effective in continuity of health care [1, 2]. A world without nurses is almost impossible to imagine. With those statistics in mind, here is a look at global nursing as it currently stands. According to the American Nurses Association: “21 st Century nursing is the glue that holds a patient’s health care journey together”. In some hospitals, nurses are required to wheel in their workstation (a computer on wheels) to record information about the patient. Trafficked individuals are often subjected to physical, sexual, and psychological abuse during their exploitation.

nurses role in health care services ppt

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