I love this product so much I just signed up for a Reddit account to say this after months of lurking on this sub. I usually don't have static in the summer with the humidity! I'm a solid 3B with super dry hair and this was a HUGE nope for me - it further dried out my hair and made it even more frizzy than normal, plus it felt sticky and gross. I don't like it either. :(, I looooove the smell. I'll keep avoiding that area just in case - I got great results without having to spray near there. Welcome to the sub! I also want a little texture so that the hair has a bit of a beachy wave, and I like it a little bit matte, so it’s never greasy looking, but still leaves my hair looking healthy and shiny. I was able to wear my hair down outside in humid heat and it looked awesome! The wave/curl in my hair generally falls out when I brush it. The rice protein–infused mist will add body and give natural-looking waves to the straightest of hair without drying it out. The ouai spray gets my hair to hold volume and wave. I was just reading a lot of reviews on Sephora's website, and it seems like if your hair is already holds wave/curl well, the spray doesn't really do much. I have frizzy wavy-ish hair that is about half way down my back. I’ve talked about it before in a post, but it’s just such a nice formula. This spray, however, brought a gorgeous wave back! I’ll keep twisting my hair periodically as it air-dries, which I find gives me the best mussed waves. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Boxycharm Ipsy BB 3B Mishibox WIN Sephora Play. I wish the product description mentioned which hair types it works best for on the sephora website, but it doesn't. Posted by. 3 years ago. It also smelled more sophisticated than the other ones, like an expensive soft floral perfume. Oribe Aprés Beach Wave and Shine Spray $39. Maybe the dryness is the issue I'm having with it. It's amazing how different the reactions are to this product though depending on the level of curl and how dry/oily your hair is. Kristin Ess's Dry Finish Working Texture Spray might as well be called an all-in-one miracle spray. I was so impressed. But I kept coming back to the Ouai — it was the only one in a bag of 10-plus bottles that gave my hair a cool, messy texture that lasted all day. Luckily most of the smell dies down after about 15 minutes in my hair, so I don't get a headache from it. Which ingredient? Close. I also have to work at getting a messy texture in my hair. The second time made my loose wavy curls more defined and held through the day and it was super humid & hot South Texas weather. © 2020 Condé Nast. It smells like bug repellent to me :/ I've been hesitant to try it and can't seem to get past the smell every time I reach for it. share. It does okay with frizz though not the greatest, and I do think it adds a little spring. My hair is already curly but it does help with the frizz :) and there were no problems with my scalp whatsoever. This wave spray from Jen Atkin's line is quickly reaching cult status. r/BeautyBoxes is the place to share your love (and sometimes grievances) for beauty-related subscription services! Archived. I did notice it left my hair drier, but I didn't mind because I really needed that little bit more texture that the dryness gave. And I don't mind the scent, but that's such a personal thing for people. I was able to wear my hair down outside in humid heat and it looked awesome! Love Ouai as well! Overall, I felt like the Ouai Wave Spray was the single best hair product I’ve tried for getting “sexy off the beach” tousled and textured locks, and it never seemed to hold down my hair or feel heavy or greasy/sticky. The best sea salt spray can give you beautiful beachy waves with tons of texture and wicked volume. All products featured on Allure are … It is really amazing how this product is great for some and not for others! 3. In a past life, I think I was French. I think it's one of the best smelling hair products I've ever owned. After reading that someone had a bad allergic reaction to this on their scalp, I was very careful to only spray it on my hair, away from my scalp because I wanted to try it out. Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray $26 Shop I've been super into Ouai's take on texture spray for its lightweight feel and ability to provide a voluminous bedhead look while also absorbing oil like a … Shop. It has greatly enhanced by beauty box experience and addiction! Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! I have 3c/4a curls and the spray didn't do anything but make my hair sticky and frizzy. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Yeah I am not a huge floral scent fan, but I know most are because these scents dominate the market.

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