All you need to know about pearl diving in the UAE. •Pearl Divers would dive for 12-14 hours, before sunrise, and till sunset. By that time, the Japanese had found a way to make flawless artificial pearls. However, captains who were not indebted to any financier would sell their pearls to a professional pearl merchant. The sailing vessel also had an ‘Al Saib’ on board, the sailor in charge of pulling the divers up to the surface. Pearl diving is an ancient practice that’s been around for over 7000 years. 3. Pearl-diving has been on the decline in recent years. Outsiders however, were forbidden to dive for pearls without the approval of local rulers. On a scorching September morning on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, the UAE’s last pearl diver looks out over the Arabian Gulf.Wearing white diving robes and armed with a nose clip and a basket to collect pearls in, Major Ali al Suwaidi stands on a wooden boat, leading a group of … Those intrepid local merchants who wanted to save brokerage fees by dealing with India sought British, French and American buyers. The Pearl Museum also features the largest exclusive collection of Arabian Gulf pearls by Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais, a descendent of pearl divers in the UAE. Being home to pearling sites, they were regular destinations for pearl divers. This resulted from the Japanese’s invention of artificial pearls. UAE pearls have been documented to have traveled all the way to Rome, Venice, India, Sri Lanka, and some have even pointed to evidence of pearls from the UAE showing up in Viking possessions in Scandinavia. Well into the 20th century the traditional way of diving was preserved; such as keeping the communal atmosphere of the diving boat alive, using clips of turtle shell to plug the nose while diving, plugging the ears with wax, and the eating of dates and coffee before a dive. Even Vikings had packed them into their belongings on their way to Scandinavia. Image Credit: Hugo Sanchez/Gulf News. PEARL DIVING IN UAE Made by : Hamdiya Ahmed 2. While pearls are no longer an exclusive commodity only from the UAE, some of today’s most top-ranking brands began their careers by using UAE pearls for prestige and quality insurance. The onset of the Great Depression and the reduction in yields from the pearl banks also added to the loss of business for pearl divers in the UAE. The history of the maritime life of the UAE, and specially Sharjah, including shipbuilding, pearl diving and pearl trade, navigational devices, etc. Now, these areas have been submerged into oil fields that are not easy to reach. It contributed massively to the UAE’s sustenance and was the major profession for most of the population. Sharjah’s pearl-topped monument at Al Ittihad Square 3. The money earned from this occupation circulated in the market, benefiting both divers and other residents of the UAE. Each member of the boat had a specific task, and this helped keep a loose social system that transferred back onto land as well. Do you know any interesting facts about pearl diving in the UAE? Other monuments that pay tribute to the rich history of pearling in the UAE are: Let’s dig deeper and find more about the tradition of pearl diving in the UAE. For many centuries before the discovery of oil, pearl diving was an important occupation and the mainstay of local economies. Pearl diving became, and is still considered, one of the UAE’s most treasured traditions. Dubai P… Pearling was the mainstay of the economy in the UAE. Mumbai became the world’s largest pearl market. Soon others followed suit, and these destinations became home to many! Well before the money from the oil boom, the UAE was thriving off of the money made from the pearls. They would spend the money to maintain their boats and buy supplies for the crew. A voracious reader, FA enjoys discovering new things and writing about them. Emirati men were employed as pearl-divers for seasonal or full-time work. The popular Dubai Museumdisplays pearl diving artefacts, featuring a life-size diorama of pearl divers. The UAE pearls are remembered and appreciated worldwide to this day. There were same season for pearl diving and it toke about three months and above of pearling. There are many facts about the history of pearl diving that will offer you an unprecedented glimpse to the region’s past. Pearl diving usually occurred between June and September. DEFINITION OF PEARL DIVING Pearl diving means: the act of diving for the precious gems pearls. Pearl diving: UAE's hidden gem. UAE’s two biggest cities – Dubai and Abu Dhabi- came into being because of the booming pearl industry of the country. Let’s find out more about the history of pearl diving in the UAE. In addition, archaeologists have discovered that pearl trading reached wide-spread popularity during Roman times and that in the 1100’s, the city of Ras Al Khaimah was a booming trade post because of the pearl industry. The Pearl Museum also features the largest exclusive collection of Arabian Gulf pearls by Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais, a descendent of pearl divers in the UAE. It’s begin on May and end on September. The history of pearl diving in the UAE is ancient, with archaeologists finding evidence of this tradition dating back more than 7,000 years ago. There are many reasons that let the emirates people to endure these dangers of diving and working under burning sun. During these months, a dhow used to carry divers as well as other important crew members to the sites targeted for this activity. The pearl diving was one of the ways to make a living in the UAE, before the discovery of oil. The historical chronicles of Abu Dhabi too, are not complete without the mention of the once-thriving pearl industry of the city. Ras Al Khaimah’s Pearl Roundabout 2. Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned to MyBayut for more insights on the traditions and culture of the UAE. Abdulla Al Suwaidi, the founder of Suwaidi Pearls, states that at the beginning of each pearling seasons, wealthy families of the region used to give an advance loan to nukhadas (captains). The oil boom in the United Arab Emirates was also responsible for there being less people on this workforce. Pearl diving was the basis for the founding of cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi Because of the booming pearl industry, many families and pearl divers ended up moving to coastal towns like Dubai and Abu Dhabi to be closer to work, and therefore helped establish the history and foundation of the UAE… Pearl diving was once the most lucrative profession in the United Arab Emirates and was tightly woven into the UAE culture that dates back around 7,000 … Although the industry collapsed by the early 1900s, the traces of this historical golden period, are still ingrained in the hearts of the people of the country. Cartier is one of the most famous examples of a loyal customer of the pearls of the Arabian coastline, with Jacques Cartier making his first journey to the region in 1912 to hunt for the mother of all jewels, which is what the pearl is so often referred to as.

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