Although these pens are large, they do vary in their ability to hold a volume of ink. The first Pilot pens were launched in Japan in 1918. Looking for a BIG PEN? As you will see in the infographics below, the Custom Urushi crushes the competition. The pen comes in a striking gift box with black ink cartridge, Con-70 proprietary converter and use and care guide. Last week, we introduced the Pilot Custom Urushi to our store and were blown away by the sheer size of this pen, as well as it's #30 size 18kt gold nib (that's a lot of gold!). Vermilion is most popular and traditional color as same as black. The fountain pen has cartridge/converter mechanism. Early this year - about 3 years too late, mind you - the Pilot 823, 845 urushi and Custom urushi FINALLY made it over to the European market. The illustration of the hand in the background is meant to provide a size reference for an average hand. The Custom line was first introduced by Pilot in 1971 to create a range of fountain pens that are truly tailored to the users writing preferences. Opening up the case, again there is silver grey coloured fabric and the gold Pilot lo… Now that I have had a few weeks to put it through its paces let’s see how it stacks up. The pen comes in a grey coloured box, with gold lettering. Absolutely, I have an M1000 in a broad nib, a Homo Sapiens in a stub and till death do us part, I have to add, I tried the sailor KOP broad nib and it just blew me away. I highly recommend the M1000 and KOP to everyone, @shahriar I have all of the pens you listed bar Platinum I can recommend m1000 and kop whole heartedly. Note the nib size as well. PILOT CUSTOM URUSHI BLACK FOUNTAIN PEN (SIZE 30 NIB)This Pilot Custom Urushi lacquered ebonite fountain pen was created by maki-e artisans (kokkokai) in Japan. Prices are listed in US Dollars and are current as of the date of this writing. Another thing: could you show us a picture of the MB 149 and Custom Urushi uncapped and juxtaposed? Despite the fact that the Homo Sapiens is not the largest in our pen comparison group, the basaltic lava material the pen is made with makes it more dense, topping out at the same weight (approximately) as the Pilot Custom Urushi. The Visconti with its dream touch palladium writes pleasantly too . A classic example of Pilot style, the new Custom Urushi Vermilion Barrel is particularly notable for its gold trim and flat-top design, which provides a distinctive contrast to the Yukari Royale Vermilion Urushi produced by Namiki, Pilot's artisanal offshoot. Namiki/Pilot was founded in 1918 and they are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year as well. Urushi Finish. Regal and refined with an oversized nib […] (not that we are supposed to post with urushi). One last parting thought I would like to impress upon you is that bigger does not necessarily mean that it is better. Become a member of our fine writing community to receive exclusive deals, gain access to limited editions & new arrivals, and receive a special birthday discount! I'm curious as to why they removed that felt ring around the opening of the cap - do you feel that this will cause a problem in use, i.e. Some may refer to them as "grail pens," a true achievement in the hobby of pen collecting when one is able to obtain the object of their prolonged desire. Shop early to ensure your items arrive on time. So, 1918+91 years means the 912 was introduced in the year 2009. In closing, we hope that you enjoyed this side-by-side comparison of the biggest and baddest luxury pen "titans" and found the information useful, even if you are doing window shopping or putting pens on your wish list. Also available is a matching Ball Point. Hello,Thanks for this. the initial impression is "big", bigger, thicker, longer and more expensive, as compared with their old flagship model Custom could consider it as an enlarged version, however there are a few improvements over the Custom 845, as least to me myself. Pilot Custom Urushi is the new model introduced in 2016 by the Pilot. It features the Roiro Urushi technique which requires time and skill to create a uniform and mirror-like finish. The selling point of this pen is obviously the lacquer, so let's talk about that. Clash of the Titans - Comparing the Biggest and Baddest Fountain Pens. The Pilot Custom Urushi fountain pen is the latest addition to Pilot’s Custom pen range. The Pilot logo and “PILOT” is printed on the center, in an embossed square. There are currently no reviews for this product. Again, this is the Japanese packaging I was given, so the US version may look a little different. The combination of the Vermilion Urushi and #30 oversized nib makes this pen really striking! In the realm of luxury fountain pens, there are few true giants, or titans, that stand head and (nib) shoulders above the rest.

pilot custom urushi review

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