The smaller helix pomatia and helix aspersa can lay hundreds of eggs and can survive in seasonal climates. One person is enough to start up and work in the snails’ farm with an area of one acre. An approximate income calculation of the snails’ farm: One snail lays 40-60 eggs per one year. It is estimated that Escargots contain 80% water, 15% protein and 2,4% fat. The global market for edible snails is 300,000 tons, valued at €1 billion and it is growing at 4.5% per annum, so price levels are being maintained. Our mission is to share the love of escargots and we will be sharing the best places to eat escargot around the world. Breeding (farming) snails is an extremely profitable business idea! Did you know that when snails mate, it can take hours to complete the act? 6) A good irrigation system is crucial for maintaining a healthy food source and ensures the snails are kept active for eating, breeding and growing. According to the report “World: Snails (Except Sea Snails) – Market Report. To quit your job and become a snail farmer is no easy task, but a very rewarding one if you do it with passion. Introduction Helicicilture commonly known as snail farming is a niche farming concept which has evolved here in recent years. Fresh snails taste much nicer than the canned, pre-cooked varieties that are […], As you already know, here at Escargot World we love anything and everything related to snail farming and eating escargots. From the prehistoric age, human has been consuming snail meat because of its high rate of protein, iron, low fat, and including almost all the amino acid which is needed for human body. 2) A sale of snails’ meat in restaurants and supermarkets as a French cuisine delicacy (a dish "Escargot") is at the price of $70 to $120 per one kilogram. The are very rich in protein and very low in fat, therefore they make a very healthy meal. Showing the single result 1) A sale of snails as pets is at the price ranging from $8 to $10 for each one snail. Decide which species of snail you want to farm. Let’s start your own snails’ business right now! They decided to use a temperature-controlled environment to speed up the snail-breeding process in their enterprise. 2) A sale of snails’ meat in restaurants and supermarkets as a French cuisine delicacy (a dish "Escargot") is at the price of $70 to $120 per one kilogram. And you will become a millionaire-farmer in 5 years after a startup of your business whose income will be at least $2.700 000! Snails size - large (from 1" to 1.5") shell diameter, All our snails are healthy and ready for breeding  for snail farming business. Foodie lovers can visit one of the many Snail festivals across Europe, or as French say it ‘Escargot’ festivals. The larger achatina achatina and archchatina marginata can only live in climates that are warm all year round. Nutritional value of raw snails (per 100 grams): Water: 79 grams Protein: […], We just found about another great story of snail farmers making it happen! They decided to breed snails and Somerset Escargot was born! Where did you get […], Snails are super nutritious – one could say they are a superfood. When Lyn and her husband Rob moved from the city to the beautiful English countryside, they decided they wanted to do something with the piece of land that came with their new home. Learn more about Stanley Micallef and his wife, Heather, of Benoni in Gauteng, where they established their snail farm called Stanley’s Snails . Snail eggs or snail caviar is usually served as an earthy, woodsy garnish for blinis, salads, or soups. According to … When creating a snail farm, you'll have to use a single species of snail. Analysis and Forecast to 2025” published by […] Eating escargots has been an old tradition in Vienna – it was once a snail capital, but somehow growing and eating […], Becoming a snail farmer in 2020 is a good idea. Is snail farming a good choice for a successful business? It is truly a gastronomic experience one should definitely put on their bucket list. It is necessary to have minimum of 24 square yards area for 100 snails. What do you need to start your own snails' business? Home / Snail Kit Snail Kit. 3) Your farm will attract the attention of tourists from all the United States of America who want to visit it (ticket’s price is about $5 - $10) Moreover, you can open a small restaurant in your farm and cook  the Escargot  dish for your tourists at the price of at least $25 per one portion (5 snails). Many […], The demand for fresh snails (escargots) in restaurants in the USA is increasing year on year, and snail farmers are struggling to keep up with demand. According to market research the snail farming business niche is highly profitable and it’s also very low risk. 7) Snails need a diet rich in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Basically snails originated from wild life they are considered as good food and source of nutrition. We have been creating this online space and have put our hearts into making sure we provide valuable and useful information for the past 3 years. And you will receive two volumes of the “Farming snails” electronic book as a present, free of charge. One farmer in the US has seen annual sales double since first opening for business in 2017. Snail Farming . are provided therein for them on daily basis … The existence of snails in Ireland dates back 8000 years, Snails were carried by traders from the Pyrenees as a source of snack food. Its size can be about 1 inch. In 2 years one mature snail (capable for reproduction) grows from one egg. 5) A true organic free range snail farm should only use natural fertilisers. It entails the rearing of snails in an enclosure or captivity, such that their basic needs such as feed, lime, water etc. You have guessed […], Watch this interesting story of a snail farmer in Vienna. So, if you invest $800 in 100 snails you will receive at least 8,000 snails in two years. For some cultures eating snails is a regular thing of an […], Everything about snail farming and dining, © 2016-2017, Escargot World, All Rights Reserved. Continue reading to learn about 14 best places to eat escargots in London.

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