THE OWNER OF THEDERMREVIEW.COM HAS MATERIAL BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS WITH ADVANCED DERMATOLOGY AND FORMULYST, WHOSE PRODUCTS WE ALSO REVIEW AND RANK. It is also a popular ingredient in industrial solvents as a chemical base for soaps, oven cleaners, detergents and drain cleaners because of its ability to dissolve grease, oils, fats and protein based deposits, according to Wikipedia. In high concentrations, it’s a significant skin sensitizer. This acidity of the skin is termed the skin’s ‘acid mantle’ and is maintained by sebaceous glands, sweat glands, and normal skin flora. Sodium Hydroxide is FDA approved, and has received the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) rating as a direct food additive. Sodium with combination other elements gives a number of skin benefits. Hello! Even though typical formulations only use a small amount of sodium hydroxide in order to adjust the pH, which is usually used up in the chemical reaction, if a product is too alkaline it can damage your skin. Inspiring thoughts and women who are aging gracefully. The acid mantle provides a film of amino/lactic acids and oils that effectively protect skin from environmental factors such as bacteria, allergens, and pollutants that contribute to premature aging and irritation. One of the most widely used bases in chemistry is sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Other studies acknowledge Sodium Hydroxide as a strong irritant that is corrosive to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract, but that the severity of the effects are related directly to concentration and pH levels, as well as the length of exposure and skin type. Recommended Products with Sodium Hydroxide: E'shee Clinical Esthetic Alpha and Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream ($284 in the shop), Sciote Peptide+Defense Firming Eye Creme ($65 in the shop), Kat Burki Hibiscus Antioxidant Face Mask ($78 in the shop), Skinfinite Platinum 30spf ($32.50). The very best to choose from for your skin concerns. In most cases, the sodium hydroxide is not present in the final product. Free shipping on all domestic orders over $49, The honest truth about beauty & personal care products. As sodium hydroxide is highly basic it is caustic, making it a great product to clean drains and strip away grease and grime. Sodium benefits for human health has proven as important minerals, sodium plays a significant role in retaining water or fluid in your body. Cosmetic Ingredient Review, 2015. the good:Soaponifies oils so that they can be used in soaps and cleansers. However, it is primarily used in the washing and chemical peeling of produce.Concentrated sodium hydroxide is a strong irritant and corrosive to the skin, eyes, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal system if ingested. ‘Safety Assessment of Inorganic Hydroxides as Used in Cosmetics, Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel. United States Food and Drug Administration. The United States Food and Drug Administration has approved sodium hydroxide as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) as a direct food additive. Less frequently, Sodium Hydroxide is seen as an ingredient in toothpastes. Sodium plays an important role in skincare. Stearyl alcohol is a natural fatty alcohol that is used as an emollient, em... What Is Acetyl Glucosamine? References: Also known as lye, sodium hydroxide is a highly alkaline ingredient used in small amounts in cosmetics to establish and hold the pH of a product. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. Sodium Hydroxide is an inorganic compound used to control the pH levels or serve as a buffering agent in cosmetics and personal care products. Studies by the National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health found that this ingredient causes "Irritation eyes, skin, mucous membrane; pneumonitis; eye, skin burns; temporary loss of hair" and recommends that consumers prevent skin and eye contact. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved sodium hydroxide as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) as a direct food additive. The TIA community consists of our trusted reviewers. Sodium chloride or typical salt is useful for the teeth. Many moisturizers also contain sodium, which is one of the most important … Following … Who is it for?All skin types except those that have an identified allergy to it. This is why knowledgable formulators are so important. She works in a small soap factory and her colleague accidentally spilled sodium hydroxide to her legs. The main function of sodium hydroxide in cosmetics and personal care products is to establish and hold the pH of a product. It was historically used in the formulation of soaps, but is currently seen in a variety of formulas, including bath products, cleansing products, fragrances, foot powders, hair dyes and colors, makeup, nail products, personal cleanliness products, shampoos, shaving products, depilatories, skin care products, and suntan products, as well as chemical hair straighteners and hair wave sets ( and This is very important to keep you hydrated. Sodium hydroxide is approved for use in cosmetics and personal care products in varying concentrations: 5% by weight in nail cuticle solvents, 2% by weight in hair straighteners for general use, 4.5% by weight in hair straighteners for professional use, up to a pH 12.7 in depilatories, and up to pH 11 in other uses as a pH adjuster. THOSE RELATIONSHIPS MAY AFFECT HOW WE REVIEW AND RANK PRODUCTS OR SERVICES MENTIONED ON THE SITE.

sodium hydroxide benefits for skin

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