This classy stereo processor aims to bring analogue colour to your digital recordings. Das hätte ich eigentlich auch für den Haupteinsatzbereich des SSL Gehalten undd er Tester schreibt im Test ja auch selbst davon…. The stereo image section is much more than an M‑S balance circuit — it also includes an implementation of Alan Blumlein’s Stereo Shuffler circuit. Various other short‑term configuration modes are available by holding down other buttons. Chris Pfeil ist Tontechniker und Musiker. The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. Pressing the Pre EQ button moves the insert point after the Vintage Drive section but before the EQ. I find it easier to focus on what I’m doing to the sound when I can close my eyes and tweak the knobs and buttons by touch alone, rather than having to coordinate my mouse with an on‑screen pointer, and the Fusion is great for that tactile way of working: grab the control, close the eyes, listen and tweak! Solid State Logic Fusion Analog Master Processor | Sweetwater Scheint mir auch in Konkurrenz zu Produkten wie dem Rupert Neve MBP und diversen Spezialisten wie SIlver Bullet von Louder Than Liftoff zu treten. I’ve always thought the EQ and Tube drive effects in the Drawmer were amongst the best I’ve heard from a digital processor, but the Fusion’s analogue circuitry definitely has the edge; dialling in subtle amounts of Vintage Drive and Density often delivered a more emotionally appealing result. Rear Panel 3 Signal Flow Overview 4 Setup Examples 5 Connecting Fusion to an Audio Interface 5 Using Fusion as a Hardware Insert 5 Alternative Setup Option 5 Connecting Fusion to an Analogue Desk / Summing Mixer 6 Start Me Up! The elaborate stereo image section has blue knobs for Space and Width, and the ubiquitous In button. For my own small‑scale mastering work, I often use Drawmer’s DC2476 processor. Dazu zählen zwei Ein- und Ausgänge sowie ein Stereo-Insert, der sich optional auch als MS-Prozessor nutzen lässt. Wir freuen uns, dass Du einen umfangreichen Beitrag beisteuern möchtest. The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. The THD+N was also impressive, at below 0.004 percent (without engaging the Vintage Drive, compressor, or transformer stages). Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. Audioanschlüsse im XLR-Format untergebracht. So it’s really just a case of switching this circuit in or out and choosing which sounds best for whatever material you’re working on. Mit der Nutzung unserer Dienste erklärst du dich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden. den bearbeiteten Klangbeispielen. A very classy, versatile signal processor. Ich sehe das Teil vor allem als SSL’s Antwort auf den Rupert Neve Master Bus Processor. Each can be bypassed using the illuminated buttons below the respective controls. A vertical stereo bar‑graph peak‑hold meter shows the output level, calibrated from ‑21 to +24 dBu, and when the processor’s bypass is engaged this shows the input level. Dabei handelt es sich um ein High- und Lowshelving-Filter mit einer Verstärkung von +/- 9 dB und jeweils vier auswählbaren Grenzfrequenzen (Tiefenband: 30 Hz, 50 Hz, 70 Hz und 90 Hz, Höhenband: 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 16 kHz und 20 kHz). The effect is to add thickening and density to the mix at lower settings, building to more obvious musical edginess and eventual distortion at more extreme settings. But pressing and holding the insert button (changing its colour to a bright white) activates the M‑S mode. Hey there! In use, it gets noticeably warm, with the top of the rear panel reaching a toasty 41 degrees Celsius after a few hours.

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