1987 "Here I Go Again" So it is possible that he may have skipped a few grades. SHOW COMMENTS (0) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He may also be a child prodigy. At the Raccoon household, Bentley Raccoon was upstairs in his bedroom, standing in front of a mirror and combing his hair with a smile on his face. Bentley Raccoon voiced by Noam Zylberman and 2 others. Snag voiced by Michael Magee. And the familiar faces are back! Regardless, Cyril Sneer is deeply impressed with him, and has promised him a job as soon as he graduates from post-secondary school. Bentley Raccoon is Bert and Cedric's friend, Ralph and Melissa Raccoon's nephew, Lisa Raccoon's younger brother, and Nicole and George Raccoon's son. 18:42. • Bert Raccoon (voiced by Len Carlson) The main hero of the series. 17 "The Artful Dodger!" Bentley has Asperger Syndrome He's really good with computers, and can come off as being easily irritable when things don't go his way. Bentley looks up to Bert like a big brother. Stuart Stone, Noam Zylberman are the voices of Bentley Raccoon in The Raccoons. Lisa Raccoon voiced by Lisa Lougheed and 1 other. Lady Baden-Baden voiced by Bob Dermer and 2 others. He becomes more outgoing by the time his family moves to the forest, showing that his behavior has improved, possibly through moral support or guidance. "The Raccoons" Black Belt Bentley! Mr. Willow voiced by Carl Banas and 1 other. Broo (pet), BertSchaefferCedricMiss PrimroseAnnie Ringtail. Stuart Stone. TV Show: The Raccoons Franchise: Raccoons. Bentley takes care of Broo in The Wrong Stuff!. The Raccoons Model Sheets - Size Comparison.jpg, https://raccoons.fandom.com/wiki/Bentley_Raccoon/Gallery?oldid=48220. The Raccoons › Bentley Raccoon. But starting with Trouble Shooter!, he is Ralph and Melissa's nephew. Mr. Knox voiced by Len Carlson. Lisa Raccoon is Bentley Raccoon's older sister, Ralph and Melissa Raccoon's niece, George and Nicole Raccoon's daughter, Bert's girlfriend, and Bert and Cedric's friend possibly around 17-19 years of age. An injured Bentley cries himself to sleep, Bentley wreaks havoc with Bert's remote control car, Bentley shows his friend his new sneakers, Bentley and Bert handle dangerous fireworks, Little Bentley goes for a piggyback ride with his mother. He is 8-10 years old. Stuart Stone (1990-1991) His parents are George and Nicole Raccoon, his older sister is Lisa Raccoon, his uncle is Ralph Raccoon, and his aunt is Melissa Raccoon. Nicole (mother) Bentley Raccoon VOICE. Noam Zylberman. Goof: Bentley was first introduced in this episode as Ralph or Melissa's cousin, but is later referenced as their nephew. He attends the 7th grade at Evergreen Elementary (previously City Collegiate) despite his young age. Bentley is an expert with computers, and is a very typical young kid, with all the personality traits and faults to match. However, Bentley is Bert's friend. ", and is voiced by (and named after) singer Lisa Lougheed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She is a fashionable, very beautiful and modern teenage girl, with a love of sports and adventure. Ralph (uncle) Note: First appearance of Bentley Raccoon. Cousin Bentley comes to visit the Raccoons. The Raccoons 5x08 Black Belt Bentley Cakl by Durward Kylie. She first appears in the season 4 episode "Spring Fever! Milton Midas voiced by Len Carlson. Bentley mostly wears a light blue shirt, when he appears from Stop the Clock!, he wears a light blue pajamas and one of Bert's sweaters in the same episode, in Trouble Shooter!, as a infant, he wears a light blue onesy pajamas, as a younger kid, he wears a red shirt with white striping, in Endless Summer!, he wears a red with green stripes at both sides swimming trunks and later at the end wears a pair of Thompson's Gazelle Leaper running shoes.

the raccoons bentley

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