Ballas? Voland | David Watson Grand Theft Auto V Trevor Philips: Mmm. All Versions. Show Full Description. 1 - Franklin And Lamar. Each mission will involve the use of a … I am FUNCTIONAL. Homie been sweet on me ever since. Representin n Chamberlain hills - why would I ever wanna be no place else? She has a certificate in cosmetology, with her mistakenly referring to it as "cosmology." Pulling One Last Favor is the final Strangers & Freaks Mission for Tonya in IGN's Grand Theft Auto 5 Walkthrough. ... Grand Theft Auto V, also known as GTA 5 or GTA V, is Rockstar North video game currently available for PC, Xbox One, PS4, XBOX 360 and PS3 consoles. Franklin ClintonCasey's Highway Clearance Nationality If GTA V asks for Set Brightness every time you load up then this guide is for you Info If deleting cfg.dat and pc_settings.bin files [ The Earlier Method ] from Documents > Rockstar Games didn't help you then please read further. Can anyone fill in for JB's shift at the towing yard today? Queen of Forum Drive right here kickin ass and takin names baby! Tonya Wiggins: Come on, I'll show you a real good time. Home Voiced by JB’s crack habit is becoming worse and worse by the day and she can’t drive the Tow Truck. GTA 5 Walkthrough All Tonya Missions The Tonya missions are for Franklin and they appear after the mission Repossession is completed. Anyone who can help please come over to the Davis Sheriff impound lot and start towing cars. My Man be many things but least he ain't turfed up like every other homie round here. Tonya Wiggins: Wait. where u been hidin playa? In-game websites: Jessica Barlow | Bentley | Brianna | Dakota | Debby | Deonte | Derek | Derek | Derrick Detantall | Dowling | Kimberly Dubose | Carly Ferran | Steve Grayson | Mr. Henandez | Jackie | Jayden | Jeremy | Eileen Johnson | Harold Johnson | Eddie Joyner | Karl | Sammy Keller | Anthony King | Joe Lawton | Lennie | Lisa | Luis | Lou Macchione | Maureen | Keith McKallker | McKensie | Morales | Nicholas | Paco the Taco | Pathos | Don Percival | Kevin Prendegast | Everett Rogan | Rogers | Ronson | Eric Sanders | Captain Scott | Pete Shafer | Chidaatma Shashikanth | Shawna | Sammy Sincowsky | Softly Softly Catchy Monkey | Mr. Spittle | Johnny Sutton | Umberto | January Natasha Vasquez | Vicki Michael De Santa: Hey, let me ask you a question... You get a lot of "bidness" using those lines? Disrespecting a lady like that. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Alkamizt 5 years ago #1. When Franklin was thirteen he kissed Tonya behind a Burger Shot restaurant. Description []. Los Santos Tonya is located in Strawberry, across the street from Franklin's aunt's house. He aint picking up his phone. We all got needs. Xoxoxo. I do not understand why. This Grand Theft Auto 5: Strangers & Freaks Side Missions Guide will show you where to find side-quests from Freaks and Strangers displayed with the “?” icon in-game. Tonya will have the same dialogue for both characters until the player clicks Right on the D-Pad to speak with her. 262k. Tonya Wiggins: Creepy ass motherfucker. 21. I'm sure you do. Tonya Wiggins: I've been around the block, and trust me it's a fine-ass block. When Franklin was thirteen he kissed Tonya behind a Burger Shot restaurant. Grand Theft Auto V for PC also brings the debut of the Rockstar Editor, a powerful suite of creative tools to quickly and easily capture, edit and share game footage from within Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Tonya Wiggins is the wife of JB Bradshaw and an old friend of Franklin Clinton, his former girlfriend Tanisha Jackson and Lamar Davis having attended Davis High School. American HELP! Her statements on her Lifeinvader page suggest she had begun to work as a prostitute and would also ask if people wanted their nails done, having got a certificate for cosmetology. Show Full Description. Although, majority of the GTA fans who happen to own Xbox One or PS4 had finished the game by then, the Windows users were happy that they will get to have something good to kill their time at. Close. She appears initially as a green '?' Tonya Wiggins is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a Stranger/Freak in Grand Theft Auto V. Tonya and her boyfriend JB are old friends of Franklin Clinton. Lamar Davis who you tryin to fool frontin like you some OG now? Real-world websites: Chico | Luis Francesco | Andy Hamilton | Ramon Jenkins | Shanda Murphy | Frederico Nathan | Joe Oliva | Tony Posada | Robert | Tone Sampson | Tico | Officer Vasquez | Wayne | Shelia White | Rosby Wilkins | Madison Wolf. Real good. All these hot dates people gonna talk :-) 4 real tho u know how to treat a girl right thanks again boo xxxxx, Sharonda said you got out? Install following the file directory path using OpenIV like any other skin mod. It is implied that Tonya works as a prostitute, since if she speaks to Michael and Trevor, she will offer to "show them a good time", telling Trevor she sells her body to support herself and JB. 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