These snapshots provide an overview of activities for your child’s class on that given day. Each child has their own portfolio binder, which is a collection of pictures, quotes, artwork, and information regarding developmental milestones. Classroom Management Techniques to Get the Best Out of Your Kids. Thus it is important for both parties involved to establish a positive communication system. Try to avoid using students as interpreters between you and their families. Previous Post: A Conversation with Amelia Gambetti Next Post: Learning from Dr.Lilian Katz, The Importance of Parent-Teacher Communication, communication between teachers and parents. Instead, be prepared to take some time to think and get back to the parent. This is such a wonderful way to strengthen the relationships and shared responsibility in a child’s education. Contact us for more information on our products or read our blog for advice, tips and tricks to use in the classroom. An optimum parent-teacher communication is built on trust, acceptance and communication. Understanding that parents have very busy schedules, the “Go Home” journal is a wonderful resource that allows for ongoing written dialogue between educators and parents. The documentation provided by teachers convey the experiences of each child and strengthens the learning that takes place at home, school, and even throughout the community. Why are healthy parent-teacher relationships important? Using these various forms of communication between teachers and parents helps to build a strong relationship between the school and the families they serve. At the beginning of the year you should establish with each child’s parent/parents what they expect from you in terms of communication. One of the most beneficial aspects of teaching is building positive relationships with parents. A two-way communication channel between teachers and parents is probably the most important factor in getting the teacher and parent communication thing absolutely right. A good relationship between parents and a teacher is invaluable towards maximizing the time that the teacher has with that student. Be clear with your students’ parents about what you expect with regards to their behavior, attendance and academic responsibilities and results. Communication is essential in establishing a goal for both teachers and parents to work towards, which will benefit the student’s education and behavior at home. So, as a teacher you need to let your students and their parents know what your expectations and hopes are for them, and let them know often in an open and meaningful exchange. Once you realize that both teachers and parents want what’s best for your children – then you can really begin to work together to implement it. on our products or read our blog for advice, tips and tricks to use in the classroom. At Miniland we work with absolute commitment to teachers and parents; striving to make the classroom the perfect environment for children to learn. Parent and teacher communication is hugely important as a child’s time is predominantly between school and home life, and as a teacher – you are essentially ‘the parent’ away from home and children rely on you to be their moral guidance and their motivator when they are in your classroom. Continually keeping parents involved provides a community feeling which benefits the child and the school. When these expectations align at both home and at school, that is when you will start to see positive results with your children. Older children’s portfolios also include writing samples. When successful communication occurs, parents will become more engaged and involved in class and school wide events. In this article, we will explore why positive communication between parents and teachers is important, and provide examples of what makes good parent-teacher communication. If covering all these ways of communicating feels like too much, ask parents, interested staff, and/or volunteers to help. Initiate the contact with them and don’t wait for them to come to you – as often parents can be nervous or feel as if they are interfering. Well, let’s just say that it simply can’t be overstated. Parents develop a greater appreciation for the important role they play in their children's education. Teacher and parent communication shouldn’t just happen when the child has done something wrong, but should rather be an ongoing process that will keep the parents updated about school and keep you updated about what’s going on at home. In this day and age of rapidly evolving technology, we find ourselves in a time where children are finding themselves more and more isolated and disconnected from human interaction. Be responsive. Teachers can communicate a student challenge without fear, and parents will have more trust in the teacher’s perspective because of their positive connection.

why is it important for teachers to communicate with parents

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