Mesa/Boogie Mark Five, Mark Five 25… and 35! The VT5+ pickups have a lovely, airy quality that permeates clean and dirty sounds, adding an excellent level of detail and breathiness to everything you play. Let’s take a closer look at this version before it speeds off into the sunset… Body & Neck. Yamaha RS720B has 0 ratings (Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings ).. Disclaimer. It’s a small shame that the Bigsby is finished in Chrome whilst all of the other hardware is satin Nickel, but it really doesn’t detract from the overall aesthetic too much. Although the guitar weighs a little over nine pounds (4.2kg), it was very comfortable and well balanced off the shoulder and exhibited excellent resonance when played unplugged. Fretwork is superb and the steel wool finish is expertly done and very attractive. GOLD AWARD. It is 0.83 inches thick at the first fret and 0.99 inches at the twelfth fret. For our review model Yamaha sent an RS720B, third from the top of the range, sporting high end hardware and design aesthetics. These pickups are surprisingly versatile and excel particularly at medium gain Rock tones and Blues/Jazz tones where plenty of dynamics are required. Yamaha came to the conclusion that, whilst almost every other product we use these days is designed this way, for some reason guitars are not and the results of that consultation are certainly interesting. For this new guitar, Yamaha decided to do things a little differently and work with a leading external design agency for the first time in researching and developing pretty much every detail of the Revstar range. We tested it next on the clean channel of a Blackstar HT 20 equipped with a Weber Blue Dog speaker. The Revstar RS720B guitar oozes cool! I also owned the 620 (lovely player but a little too generic-sounding for me), and very briefly the 420, a very different thing altogether; nice but really nothing special. By Chris Gill 21 June 2016. Needless to say the GI team had high hopes for the Revstar series after hearing this! We used it with the Blackstar amp, mostly on the clean channel with our pedal board to cover the diversity of songs in our set. The push-pull Dry switch added versatility without some of the pitfalls that occur with coil splitting. Yamaha has chosen a very handsome three-per-side headstock design, sporting the usual Yamaha logo and the company's Hanko mark on the back as a seal of approval. We first got superb rock/blues tones with an Ibanez Tube Screamer TS7 set to Regular mode that were never muddy. However, generally speaking, this guitar really sounds best with vintage, bluesy, overdriven tones rather than high gain tones, and it also sounds great with a fuzz pedal. Yamaha has hit a home run with the new Revstar series which was first introduced in 2016. It should be noted that there are slight overtones that ring out from the Bigsby tailpiece. This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Yamaha RS720B but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or … The design process behind the developmental of the Revstar line was collaborative and included people from musicians to architects. Tonally, the RS720B is just as good as its looks would suggest. To be honest, we just felt cool playing this thing on stage. Great for vintage vibe, but not the right choice if you’re looking to playing metal or shred (other Revstar models have hotter humbuckers if that’s your goal). The Revstar RS720B is manufactured in Indonesia. Inspired by vintage street-racing motorbikes of 1960s London, Yamaha has seemed to magically blend their illustrious history of racing and musical instruments in a guitar series that is bound to become a classic. Yamaha has also developed what they call a dry switch, integrated as a push-pull into the tone pot. There really was no amp volume at which this guitar didn’t sound fantastic. There is a general guitar manual in multiple languages included, which is also accessible on the Yamaha website. Visit for additional information. Thick and punchy with no need for any pedals, this thing rocked! The Yamaha Revstar RS720B in Vintage Japanese Denim color (MSRP $1,400) sells for $899.99 street with a deluxe gig bag. We will discuss this more in depth in the Sound section. Throughout this process they interviewed hundreds of players and produced dozens of prototypes. I love the timeless, classic design. Whether it actually makes a difference we can't say, but the RS720B is a highly resonant guitar with plenty of sustain and is very comfortable to play with its contoured body, familiar feeling neck profile and jumbo frets. Yamaha has seemingly done the impossible: come up with a new guitar design that both captures vintage vibe and modern style. The Revstar also has a newly designed, push-pull Dry switch on the treble control which functions similar to coil splitting humbuckers but without a loss in volume. The guitar comes set-up with Elixir 10-46 Electric Nickel Plated Steel with Nanoweb Coating strings and includes a durable, high-quality gig bag. The toughest question now is really just whether or not our spouse will allow one more instrument to come into the house! Yamaha took inspiration from the 1960s stripped-down street-racing motorbikes of London and Tokyo when designing the RevStar series, and the retro character instantly hits you. Highly recommended. Tonal options come in the form of a three-way switch and master volume and tone controls. A video of the design process can be seen here: The neck is a set-in, three-piece, mahogany neck with 24.75” scale length. 2661. The intonation was spot-on, and the frets were perfectly dressed.

yamaha rs720b review

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